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Celebrating our 15th Anniversary with a 15% discount on performance exams!

We’re celebrating CCHI’s 15th Anniversary with a 15% discount* on our performance exams!

CHI™ or ETOE™ Exam Fee of $257 (time-limited offer):

  • Candidates must pay the CHI™ or ETOE™ exam fee between May 15 and July 15, 2024 (by 11:59 pm EDT).
  • Candidates must take the corresponding exam in 2024. Because both exams are administered in specific testing windows, the following limitations apply:
    • The ETOE exam must be taken either between June 6-29 or September 5-28, 2024.
    • The CHI exam must be taken either between July 12-August 10 or October 10 – November 9.

If the ETOE or CHI exam is not taken in 2024, the discount expires, and candidates must pay the balance of $45 before they can schedule an exam in 2025 (if they still qualify at that time).

  • Candidates must be qualified to sit for the ETOE™ or CHI™ exam:
    • For the ETOE exam fee discount, candidates must hold a non-expired CoreCHI™ certification at the time of payment.
    • For the CHI fee discount, candidates (interpreters of Arabic, Mandarin, or Spanish) must have a valid passing CoreCHI™ exam score, i.e., their eligibility for the Summer or Fall testing windows of 2024 must be non-expired. The CoreCHI exam score is valid for 12 months.
  • The offer does not apply retroactively.
  • This fee is for one exam administration only.
  • The fee is valid only for the first or second attempt to take either a CHI™ or ETOE™ exam. I.e., candidates who failed either exam more than one time do not qualify for this discount.
  • CCHI’s Refund Policy applies to this discounted fees.

CCHI reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time and without any prior notice.

* This discount does not apply to candidates who qualify for the #addCCHI discount.

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