Candidates will receive pass/fail results from the “written” CoreCHI™ exam at the test center, immediately after finishing the test. The Score Report is emailed to candidates within one hour of the test submission. The official score is emailed within approximately two to four weeks of completing the CoreCHI™ examination.

The CoreCHI™ exam uses four-option, multiple-choice questions scored electronically. The total number of correct responses on each version (or “form”) of the test are scaled to the distribution of 300 to 600, with the passing score set at 450. Since different forms of the test may differ slightly in difficulty, a statistical procedure called equating is used to ensure that the passing score of 450 is comparable from form to form.

In addition to an overall scaled score, candidates are provided with subscores by domain (e.g., professional responsibility and interpreter ethics, managing an interpreting encounter; healthcare terminology; U.S. healthcare system; and cultural responsiveness).

You need to look at your Score Report from the perspective that it states two separate things: the overall scaled score, and how well you did in specific parts of the test. There is no relationship between the percentages reported for the parts of the test (domains) and the overall scaled score.

Domain scores are reported as percentages of the correct answers within each test domain to help candidates identify weaker areas for future study in case a candidate doesn’t pass the examination. Your total score is not the average of your scores in domains. Because each domain has a different number of questions, you cannot add up the domain percentages to obtain your overall score.

Please recognize that since the examination is scored on a totality, the percentages reported for domains are intended only as a guide. In order to improve your score, if you failed an exam, you need to review and study for all content domains of the exam. For more information on the domains, see the Test Content Outline.

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