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Healthcare interpreting is a career

The target audience for CCHI’s certification program is a healthcare interpreter of any language at an entry-level position defined as: “A person who is able to perform the functions of a healthcare interpreter competently, independently, and unsupervised in any setting and in any modality where health care is provided, with the knowledge, skill, and ability required to relay messages accurately from a source language to a target language in a culturally competent manner and in accordance with established ethical standards.”  CCHI offers two national certifications for medical interpreters: the Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter™ (CoreCHI™) and Certified Healthcare Interpreter™ (CHI™). All information about our policies and procedures is described in CCHI Candidate’s Examination Handbook.

Make sure you are up to date

The Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter™ and the Certified Healthcare Interpreter™ certifications are valid for four years from the date when CCHI granted/issued the credential. This date is on the certificate you received from CCHI.

CCHI established specific certification renewal requirements in order to assure that certified interpreters keep abreast of the profession’s development and, at a minimum, maintain their skills at the level achieved at certification. CCHI defines continuing competence as the level of certificant’s knowledge at a minimum equal to the level at the time of their assessment.

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