Power of Certification

CCHI is dedicated to supporting professional interpreters who value the power of education and certification. We understand that many interpreters work across settings – in health care, courts, Workers’ Compensation, schools, etc. At the same time, many interpreters are also professional translators. Our 2016 national Job Task Analysis (JTA) study showed that about 8% of respondents – CCHI certificants – also hold another language professional certification, e.g. of ATA, RID, state or federal court interpreter, etc.

We commend and support all professionals who seek certification in more than one specialty! CCHI waives its application fee of $35 for those applicants who otherwise meet our eligibility criteria and who already hold a certification of ATA, RID, BEI, Federal or State courts, state of Washington for medical interpreters, or NBCMI. All applicants must sit for and pass CCHI’s certification exams to earn CCHI certification.

In addition, in February 2017, CCHI started to offer to such applicants a special examination fee of $150 for either CoreCHI™ or CHI™ exam. We are extending this offer throughout 2019 by request! This means that Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin interpreters, who hold certifications by ATA, Federal or State courts, state of Washington for medical interpreters, or NBCMI, will pay only $300 for their certification with CCHI. And certified interpreters of other spoken languages or ASL will pay only $150 total.


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  • Who is eligible

    Application fee waiver ($35):

    • Any applicant who meets all of CCHI eligibility requirements AND whose certification by ATA, RID, BEI, Federal or State courts, state of Washington for medical interpreters, or NBCMI is in good standing (active) on the date of their CCHI application. (e.g. An applicant submits an application to CCHI on 2/26/2017, and their other certification expires on or after 2/26/17, they qualify for the waiver. If the applicant’s other certification has expired before 2/26/17, they must pay the full fee.)
    • Applicant must have completed 40 hours of healthcare interpreter training (as part of our eligibility requirements).
    • The applicant must pay the CoreCHI™ examination fee at the time of the application. CCHI will not consider applications without the exam fee payment.
    • This offer starts on 02/20/2017 and does not apply retroactively. CCHI reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time and without any prior notice.

    Examination special fee of $150 (time-limited offer):

    • Candidates must submit their application and pay $150 for the CoreCHI™ exam between 02/20/2017 and 12/31/2019 (by 11:59 pm EST).
    • Candidate’s application must meet CCHI’s criteria. If the application is rejected due to ineligibility, CCHI will retain $35 processing fee and refund $115 to applicant. If your application is accepted, the $150 fee is non-refundable.Candidate must take the CoreCHI™ exam within 6 months of the application approval, otherwise they will have to pay the exam fee again.
    • Candidates who pay the fee of $150 for the oral performance CHI™ exam between 02/20/2017 and 12/31/2019 (by 11:59 pm EST).
    • This offer does not apply retroactively. E.g. if a candidate eligible for this offer has already paid the full fee for the CoreCHI™ or CHI™ exam prior to 02/20/17, CCHI will not refund the difference.
    • The exam fee is valid only for the first administration of an exam (i.e. it is not valid for a retake). CCHI exam fees are non-refundable.
    • Candidates who fail the exam, will pay the full retake exam fee of $175 for the CoreCHI™ and $275 for the CHI™ exam.
    • CCHI reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time and without any prior notice.
  • How to get this special benefit

    1. Review CCHI’s eligibility criteria to make sure you meet our requirements and read CCHI Candidate’s Examination Handbook to learn about the certification process and CCHI policies.

    2. Email CCHI your intention to get certified and attach a proof of your other certification (as a pdf or image file) at apply@cchicertification.org. The document verifying your certification can be a certification certificate or badge/card and must contain your name (matching your current ID), the certification entity info, and the certification expiration/validity date.

    3. CCHI will review your letter of intent and provided documentation within 10 days and email you the invoice via PayPal for $150 for the CoreCHI™ exam fee and instructions on how to apply. The invoice must be paid electronically; you don’t need to have a PayPal account and may pay with a credit or debit card. The invoice must be paid at the time of your application. CCHI will not review applications without the exam fee payment.

    4. Once CCHI receives your payment and once you submit your application online, CCHI will review your application within two weeks.

    5. You will receive your Notice to Schedule your exam within one week of the application approval for the CoreCHI™ exam and within one week of payment for a CHI™ exam.


    If you have any questions about this special opportunity, please contact us at apply@cchicertification.org.

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