Interpreting Industry Conferences

ATTENTION CCHI certificants:

For conferences that have 1)  concurrent sessions and 2) some non-accredited sessions, CCHI requires signatures or other verification (individual certificates for each online session/webinar; codes, etc.) to confirm attendance of specific conference sessions in addition to the general certificate of attendance. Please check the conference program ahead of time and see the listings below that detail which sessions have been accredited by CCHI.

If an in-person conference does not offer their own attendance tracking document, you may use one of these templates to collect the signatures from presenters to verify that you attended their presentation. Print out blank templates and take them to the event.

CCHI does not accept emails confirming registration or payment or any kind of self-attestation as proof of attending a conference (online or in person). Attendance of a specific session at any virtual conference must be verified by the event organizer.

It is the certified interpreter’s responsibility to obtain necessary documentation from the conference organizers. CCHI is not responsible for how conference organizers communicate with their attendees and what attendance documentation they provide.

  • ATA 64th Annual Conference

    When: October 25-28, 2023
    Where: Miami, FL

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