Disciplinary Sanctions

The Disciplinary Policy is an essential component of CCHI’s certification program and exemplifies the commitment of CCHI to patients, the public, and to the profession through competent and professional practice of healthcare interpreting. This policy’s goal is to ensure that CCHI’s certification credentials maintain the integrity, highest value, and recognition.

To see the full text of the CCHI’s Disciplinary Policy, which contains the information on how to file a complaint and how to appeal a disciplinary sanction decision, click here.

The information reported on this page includes only cases where the applicant, candidate, or certificant received a publicly reportable sanction. CCHI reserves the right to change which types of sanctions are published on this page. The following types of sanctions are included in the table below and defined here as a reference:

  • Censure: It is a declaration that an individual is guilty of misconduct that does not require suspension or revocation, yet violates CCHI’s Disciplinary Policy and detrimentally affects the integrity of the healthcare interpreting profession. A censure also serves as a public warning to other interpreters.
  • Eligibility Suspension: Individual is not eligible to apply for CCHI certification for a specified period of time.
  • Credential Suspension: Certification may not be used for a specified period of time, after which the individual may be required to apply for reinstatement, subject to compliance with then-existing standards for certification.
  • Revocation: Certification is terminated.
  • Invalidated Certification: Certification is invalidated because the eligibility requirements have not been met.

Individuals with suspensions and revocations are strictly prohibited from representing they are credentialed by CCHI during the period of suspension or revocation.

Date of Action Name Sanction(s) Sanction(s) in effect until
(if applicable)
02/16/2022 Yoana Todorova
  • Censure: Unprofessional behavior inconsistent with NCIHC’s Code of Ethics in a public post on the certificant’s social media channel.
11/17/2020 Beatriz Tatiana Molano
  • Eligibility Suspension: Eligibility to pursue CCHI certification is suspended for ten (10) years for misrepresentation of CCHI credentials and unauthorized use of CCHI intellectual property (CCHI marks).
  • Censure: The eligibility suspension sanction will be displayed on CCHI’s webpage for the period of the suspension.

For inquiries, please contact us at info@cchicertification.org.

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