CHIA 2023 Conference Sessions Accredited by CEAP/CCHI

Who: California Healthcare Interpreting Association

How many CE hours accredited by CCHI: 

Attendees can earn up to 9 credits total; Day 1 – 5 CE credits for oral sessions and 1 CE for the poster session (you can only earn 1 hour), Day 2 – 3 CE credits for oral sessions.

1. Deliberate Practice for Interpreters: Practical Tools for Improving Performance 2 PB CE hours
2. Interpreting Consents for Clinical Trials 2 PB CE hours
3. No fue el té chupapanza el que me dio diarrea, doctor…: Interpreting Culturally-Based Hispanic Remedies and other Cultural Beliefs in Health Care 2 PB CE hours
4. Sight Translation: How to Say What You See 2 PB CE hours
5. Decálage is Not a Dirty Word: Simultaneous Interpreting for Healthcare Interpreters 1 PB CE hour

The following 23 sessions are one-hour presentations  where you may earn 1 regular CE hour each:

6. Applying the National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs to Online Classes
7. Finally, There Is a Comprehensive Textbook and Training Guide for Remote Interpreters!
8. The Basics of Immunotherapy in Pediatric Oncology, Presented by Interpreters for Interpreters
9. There’s a Vax for That: Exploring Current Vaccine Types
10. Demand-Control Schema – An Ethical Decision-Making Framework to Reduce Stress and Succeed when Interpreting Remotely
11. HIPAA Compliance: What Freelance Interpreters Need to Know
12. Language Proficiency for Interpreters (LPI): The Bedrock of our Profession
13. Mental Health Interpreting: A Specialized Field
14. Don’t Get Burned!
15. Take Good Care: The Relationship Between Vicarious Trauma, Demand-Control Schema, and Self-Care. Recognize the Signs and Optimize Your Performance
16. Interpreters, Not Automatons
17. Interpreting for End-of-Life Care: Challenges with Palliative Pediatric Oncology
18. Beyond Emergency Situations: Adding Simultaneous Interpreting to Your Toolkit
19. Healthcare Interpreting Needs an Updated Approach to Remote Interpreting
20. Sorry, Not Sorry: How Medical Interpreters Can Mediate with Confidence and Skill
21. A Novel Approach to Training Medical Students to Work with LEP Patients and Healthcare Interpreters
22. Proving Extremes: Helping Traumatized Clients as They Seek Asylum
23. So You Want To Be an Interpreter Trainer?
24. Toward a Greater Understanding of Child Language Brokering: Improving Language Access for Immigrant Children and Parents in the United States
25. Ethical Principles for Healthcare Interpreters, Roles and Modes
26. Netflix and Learn: Unconventional Resources for Learning Medical Terminology
27. SAY WHAT? American English Dialects and Idioms: Understanding Them to Do Your Best Work!
28. “Healthy People 2030”: Language Access and How it will Shape the Interpreting Profession

The following are poster presentations, requesting one CE hour for both combined:

29 A: Healthcare Interpreter Attitudes and Solutions for Gender Neutral Language: Summary Results of a Nation-Wide CCHI Survey
29 B: Healthcare Interpreters: A Current Snapshot of our Profession

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