Interpreting and treatment go hand in hand

Helping others communicate

We at CCHI know that the healthcare interpreting profession can only grow and thrive if more individuals continue to enter this dynamic and rewarding profession. Therefore, CCHI is committed to increasing awareness of the medical interpreter profession. Watch the videos to hear what interpreters think about their profession, its importance, and reasons for choosing it.


Paths to Healthcare Interpreting

  • Learning

    Healthcare interpreters are continually learning and growing their skills. They learn the fundamental skills and knowledge of healthcare interpreters in introductory-level training programs. They continue their professional development with advanced-level training programs and workshops. Their own life and on-the-job experiences provide a rich complement to their classroom-based learning experiences. They are constantly learning because there is always more to learn and explore healthcare settings.

  • Career

    Healthcare interpreters have diverse employment options. They work as independent contractors, hospital employees, and for language service companies. They work onsite, by phone, and by video technologies. They serve the language services needs in their local communities and throughout the nation. The work they do has a profound impact on the personal lives patients and their families as well as the professional practice of healthcare team members.

  • Professional

    Healthcare interpreters are professionals. They are members of professional organizations where they grow in their own professional career and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare interpreting profession. They demonstrate their professional competence and commitment by earning certification credentials.  As a professional, they stand on par with all professionals who work in healthcare settings.

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