• ALTA Language Services – Breaking Boundaries in Healthcare®: ALTA is an employee-owned company with 35+ years of experience. Our highest priority is quality at a fair price. ALTA’s self-paced, 40-hour program will enable you to work nationally AND prepare you for national certification exams. We work hard to set our students up for success. With your course ticket you will get: 40+ hours of on-demand curriculum, 4 practice evaluations, skill-building videos, LIVE video chat sessions with a trainer, optional private coaching, digital course books & a bilingual glossary. Plus, there are no extra exam fees. Your final written and oral evaluations are included. It’s important to the ALTA team that you have a full understanding of your own educational path. We also offer 100% customized payment plans. To learn more, click HERE. We can’t wait to meet you! #altalearn
  • The Community Interpreter® Online (TCIO) – Join us for the first and only national online, self-paced 40-hour certificate program in medical and community interpreting! Developed by Cross-Cultural Communications, the leading national provider for medical and community interpreter training, and hosted by our online training platform, Blue Horizon, this intensive program covers interpreting in healthcare, educational and social services settings. TCIO promotes national ethics and standards of practice in the field and can prepare interpreters to take national medical interpreter certification.
    For more information, please contact Maisoon Ateem Abdelrhman, Program Manager, at 410-312-5599 or info@cultureandlanguage.net. Visit our website at: https://www.interpretertraining-online.com/.
  • Interpreter Education Online – Interpreter Education Online (IEO) is a top training provider nationwide, offering testing and training solutions for individual interpreters, hospitals, courts, and language agencies. IEO offers an online, self-paced Preparatory Course for the CCHI Exams. This course was created to prepare those who are taking the CCHI exams and who need to meet the 40-hour training requirement. It includes: chapters on Body Systems, the U.S. Healthcare System, Diseases, and Procedures; Quizzes; Videos; Language-specific glossaries; Review of the Healthcare Interpreter Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice; Interpretation Theory; Interpretation exercises (8 evaluated by instructor), and 1 Skype Lesson with an instructor. http://site.interpretereducationonline.com/preparatory-course-for-the-cchi-exam/
  • InterpreterEd.com – Live, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) for all students in over 100 language pairs with a language-neutral approach. We teach our thoroughly modern curriculum in a supportive, collaborative environment. Our virtual classroom combines live instruction with an innovative format. Work through assignments with fellow students, ask your instructor questions, get instant feedback and helpful guidance. We cover all topics required for national certification, learn the terminology needed to be a professional interpreter and practice the skills required for success.
    Students receive our award-winning course textbook, our carefully curated Bi-lingual Core terminology book and a comprehensive Medical Terminology textbook with diagrams, terminology pronunciation recordings and more. InterpreterEd gives you more than a certificate, we give you confidence. Payment plans available. For more information:

  • Interpreter Prep: live online classes (for a more personalized learning experience) and on demand courses (for a more flexible training). Courses are language specific for SPANISH/ ENGLISH. We offer a 2 week money-back guarantee and 6 month financing is available for qualified applicants. Please visit our website (http://www.interpreterprep.com) for more information.
  • MasterWord® Intensive Medical Interpreter Training – Online and Self – Paced. It is nationally accredited for 40.00 instructional hours by CCHI. This training is non-language specific and is designed to prepare you for interpreting in the healthcare industry. It uses the latest and most effective interactive techniques, and provides an opportunity to learn and practice the most effective models for the interpreting process, advanced ethical decision making, memory and note taking, medical terminology, cross-cultural interpreting, and navigation of the US health care system. BONUS FINAL EXAM: Health Care Interpreter Assessment (HCIA)® is included at no cost.
  • Medical Interpreting Training School (MITS) –  This renowned online course offers you the flexibility and convenience to control your learning at your own pace. In addition to the comprehensive 40-hour course, MITS provides you with more than 20 hours of exam preparation materials free of charge. You’ll find multiple interactive quizzes, videos, lectures, games, and dozens of oral interpreting exercises in a computer software system similar to the certification test formats. The perfect combination to help you prepare for both, the written and oral CCHI certification exams. More info at mitswebsite.com.
  • MedTalk Training – a 60 hour online Medical Interpreter program, English-Spanish specific. Our course features comprehensive education on medical terminology, common medications and diagnosis. Students will have the opportunity to use the learnt terminology during the recorded interpretation assignments, to better comprehend the material. You will learn to apply Standards of Practice, Roles of the Interpreter and Code of Ethics, Cultural competency, as well as laws and regulations affecting the Interpreter. The program is self-paced and you can access the modules on your free time; you decide when you want to study and for how long. Instructors work closely with each student, offering feedback on the written and recorded assignments to improve pronunciation and develop skills to interpret with accuracy and completeness. Our program is one of seven in the Nation accredited by the CMIE. Visit our website (www.medtalktraining.com for more information or call us at 603-770-4218.
  • MiTio (Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute Online) offers  interactive self-paced online programs for medical interpreters. Our 60-Hour Certificate Course is designed to give you all the resources and training you need to cultivate your talent for language and excel as a certified medical interpreter.
  • SFAA Premium One-on-One Online 40 Hour Healthcare Interpreter is the first individualized program offered in Texas, in the U.S., and Worldwide since 2013. This training incorporates two highly effective ways of learning objectives: self-paced and individual coaching with a trainer using a secure platform can be taken in just one week, five weeks, or three months. The attendee will be able to log into the SFAA Online Scheduler to schedule their online meetings with the trainer in the system when this is required by the module they are studying. Flexible schedule at weekdays, after hours and some weekends. This program consists of nine modules that include different interpretation modes, codes of ethics, dilemmas in healthcare, anatomy and physiology of major body systems (EN-SP), mental health, and acronyms and abbreviations in healthcare. SFAA ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: FOUR EASY STEPS TO REGISTER. Do you still have any questions? Or would you like to take advantage of our payment plans? Contact: wbonthrone@spanishforallaustin.com, Waleska Bonthrone, SFAA Trainer
  • Translation & Interpretation Network (TIN) – The training, supervision, testing and certificate process established by TIN ensures the highest standards of service that exceeds those set by ATA, IMIA, NCIHC, and NAJIT. TIN offers training, language testing and continuing education. Several training modules are offered on-site and online: Introduction to Community Interpreting (40-Hour), Introduction to Medical Interpreting (16-Hour), Introduction to Mental Health Interpreting (16-Hour), Introduction to Medical Interpreting (60-Hour), Introduction to the Art of Translation (8-hour). For more information contact Fabio Torres at ftorres@tintranslation.com or Meti Dibra at mdibra@tintranslation.com and visit us at WWW.TINTRANSLATION.COM to learn more about us. Read more…

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The listing of the training opportunities on this page is sponsored by the training providers. CCHI does not accredit, pre-approve or endorse beginner-level programs. The listed programs are examples of possible training opportunities that help applicants meet the 40-hour healthcare interpreter training requirement and prepare for the examination(s). Interpreters are cautioned to question the veracity of guarantees of success on examinations as a result of any training.

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