• The AALB Medical Interpreter Training program prepares multilingual individuals to become professional medical interpreters with a high degree of efficacy; in addition to our interactive live lectures, students will have the opportunity to participate in simulation training, allowing them to apply the skills they are learning in their non-English language and get feedback on their technique. Our trainers are carefully selected to be subject-matter experts, experienced interpreters, and skilled instructors, allowing for an effective learning experience. Americans Against Language Barriers is a nationally recognized nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Chicago, Illinois, which means that all training fees are used to advance our mission of improving the quality of life for those with language barriers. Our training is accepted as a prerequisite for medical interpreter certification, and serves as continuing education for sign language interpreters certified by the Registry of Interpreter for the Deaf (RID). Please click HERE to visit the AALB Medical Interpreter Training page and learn more about the program. Payment plans are available. If you have any questions please contact us.
  • ALTA Language Services – Breaking Boundaries in Healthcare®: ALTA is an employee-owned company with 35+ years of experience. Our highest priority is quality at a fair price. ALTA’s self-paced, 40-hour program will enable you to work nationally AND prepare you for national certification exams. A Certification of Qualification from ALTA’s course meets 3 of the CCHI application requirements – proof of 40-hour training, proof of fluency in English, and proof of fluency in your target language. We work hard to set our students up for success. With your course ticket you will get: 40+ hours of on-demand curriculum, skill-building videos, LIVE video meetings with a trainer, digital course books & a bilingual glossary. Plus, your final ALTA written and oral evaluations are included in the cost of the course. We also offer payment plans. To learn more, click HERE. We can’t wait to meet you! #altalearn
  • Art of Medical Interpretation® (AMI). BECOME A PROFESSIONAL INTERPRETER by completing the CCCS medical interpreting course. By completing the AMI course, you will meet all CCHI requirements to take the national certification exam (40-hr min of professional training & dual language proficiency).
    • This course is a 60-hr Certificate of Accomplishment online training with a live instructor at all times. Learn interpreting techniques, standards of practice, ethics, cultural competency, medical terminology, body systems, common illnesses, mental health, glossaries, modes and roles of interpreting, remote interpreting techniques, memory aids, conflict resolution and prepare to work in the industry. Practice real life situations via role-plays in both languages with a live language coach. This course is taught by a multidisciplinary team of interpreter trainers, healthcare and mental health providers. Adheres to industry standards.
    • The Cross Cultural Communication Systems (CCCS) institute is licensed by the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure as a Private Occupational School.
    • CLICK HERE for the Course page. Contact us at 781.729.3736 x109, StudentsCCCS@embracingculture.com
  • AZ Medit – Unlock a world of possibilities with our Spanish Medical Interpreter Program here at AZ Medit – a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience that transcends borders. This 10-week program is crafted for flexibility, allowing you to enhance your skills from the comfort of your home through a completely online format.
    Immerse yourself in the language of healthcare, mastering medical terminology and cultural nuances crucial for effective interpretation. Engage in weekly virtual meetings for hands-on practice sessions, simulating real-world scenarios and ensuring your readiness to excel in the field.
    Whether you’re a bilingual enthusiast or a healthcare professional seeking to broaden your impact, our program is designed to elevate your proficiency and empower you to bridge communication gaps in the vital realm of healthcare. Join us in reshaping the narrative of inclusive and accessible healthcare through the art of Spanish Medical Interpreting.
  • The City College of New York

    If you’re looking for an English-Spanish Medical Interpreting course that can help you meet the needs of doctors’ offices, hospitals, emergency rooms, and other medical facilities, the Office of Continuing and Professional Studies at the City College of New York will help you achieve that!

    Our FULLY Online Medical Interpreter course provides an interactive curriculum for entry-level students over the course of 102 hours. Additionally, CCNY’s Certificate in Medical Interpreting is the only one of its kind to incorporate video remote interpreting as part of its curriculum!

    Students also get support with personalized career development advice, resume writing and interview skills from our experienced Instructor, so they can maximize their chances of landing a job – fast!

    Our students are achieving amazing results, so don’t miss this opportunity – enroll today!

    Email: ace@ccny.cuny.edu

    Phone: 212-650-7312

    Website: click here

  • The Community Interpreter® Online (TCIO) – Join us for the first and only national online, self-paced 40-hour certificate program in medical and community interpreting! Developed by Cross-Cultural Communications, the leading national provider for medical and community interpreter training, and hosted by our online training platform, Blue Horizon, this intensive program covers interpreting in healthcare, educational and social services settings. TCIO promotes national ethics and standards of practice in the field and can prepare interpreters to take national medical interpreter certification.

    For more information, please contact Maisoon Ateem Abdelrhman, Program Manager, at 410-312-5599 or info@cultureandlanguage.net. Visit our website at: https://www.interpretertraining-online.com/.

  • Core Medical Interpreter Training® program (CMIT®): CMIT® provides students with intensive training to prepare for the challenges within a growing and competitive healthcare marketplace. CMIT® is offered to bilingual or multilingual individuals, who are either currently working in health care, or are interested in obtaining an entry-level credential in the field of medical interpretation. The training covers all basic aspects of interpreting in healthcare, including the roles, modes, ethics, and current professional and regulatory guidelines as well as interactive drills and role plays. CMIT® is a national 60- to 100-hour basic medical interpreter training program created in compliance with the newly recommended National Training Guidelines and surpassing the requirements for National Certification. Contact at info@nichc.org.
  • Culture Advantage is an online language-specific medical interpreter program designed by healthcare professionals. This 12-week 60-Hour professional-level curriculum gives students sufficient time to gain a strong foundation in both languages, practicing the bilingual-medical skills critical for interpreting in hospitals and clinics. Designed to address patient’s needs, Culture Advantage is medical-centric first, taught from a medical provider’s perspective, complete with realistic medical scenarios, in a bilingual language-specific format.
    • Medical-Centric First: Builds a strong foundation of medical concepts in both languages, taught from a nursing perspective.
    • Patient-Safety Focus: Clinical implications of major diseases, medical procedures and treatments enlighten the nature of interpreting accurately for patients.
    • Assessment-Driven: Progress is based on satisfactory performance at every step, with quizzes and assignments to promote mastery of concepts and skills.
    • Coaching and Feedback: Spoken interactive practice sessions (over-the-phone or online) and bilingual assignments are reviewed with feedback from medical mentors to ensure clinically accurate interpretation.

    60-hour language specific programs are available for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and other languages. Testing and assessment options are available for organizations. Project-based fast-track program available for bilingual healthcare professionals.

    Program Director: Marlene Obermeyer, MA, RN. Visit the Culture Advantage website at https://cultureadvantage.org/programs/.

  • ESCLA: Building Blocks Interpreting – This 60-hour course takes you through a journey covering more than the essential foundation of a Professional Medical Interpreter’s required skills and knowledge. Participants have constant opportunities to practice with realistic scenarios in order to effectively apply the course content. Subject Competence is evaluated each day of the course to ensure that each concept covered has been adequately understood. Additional mentorship is available, if desired after course end, in order to establish success as a medical interpreter. To enroll, contact us at training@esclaonline.com or 832.330.8567.
  • InterpreterEd.com offers a 60-hour comprehensive course in healthcare interpreting that meets the training requirements for national certification. The course is conducted in a live, instructor-led online format. We provide a supportive and collaborative environment. Our program is also language supportive: Students may have any language plus English as their languages of service. They also receive in-class interpreting skills practice with a language coach as well as feedback and guidance. Moreover, our instructors are experienced and certified healthcare interpreters who are passionate about the profession and their students’ success. Included in the program: our course textbook; our carefully curated bilingual core terminology book; and a comprehensive medical terminology textbook with diagrams and terminology pronunciation recordings. For more information, visit InterpreterEd.com, email us at info@InterpreterEd.com, or call us at (800) 673-6923 to speak with an enrollment counselor.
  • Linguist Education Online – Linguist Education Online (LEO) is a leading provider of training and testing for interpreters, translators and other language industry professionals, from preparation to state certification exams to continuing education units and performance tests. LEO offers an online, self-paced Preparatory Course for the CCHI exams. This course was created to prepare those who are taking the CCHI exams and who need to meet the 40-hour training requirement. It includes: chapters on Body Systems, the U.S. Healthcare System, Diseases, and Procedures; Quizzes; Videos; Language-specific glossaries; Review of the Healthcare Interpreter Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice; Interpretation Theory; Interpretation exercises (8 evaluated by instructor), and 1 private Zoom Lesson with an instructor. There is also an optional interpreter performance assessment students may choose to take after completing this course. https://linguisteducationonline.com/preparatory-course-for-the-cchi-exam/
  • MasterWord® Intensive Medical Interpreter Training – Online and Self-Paced. It meets CCHI eligibility criteria and is also accredited for 40.00 CE hours by CEAP. This training is non-language specific and is designed to prepare you for interpreting in the healthcare industry. It uses the latest and most effective interactive techniques, and provides an opportunity to learn and practice the most effective models for the interpreting process, advanced ethical decision making, memory and note taking, medical terminology, cross-cultural interpreting, and navigation of the US health care system. BONUS FINAL EXAM: Health Care Interpreter Assessment (HCIA)® is included at no cost.
  • MCA (Medical Communication Ambassadors) is an 80 hour on-line medical interpreter program, language specific ENGLISH-SPANISH. Our course features comprehensive education on medical terminology, medications, diagnoses, standards of practice, roles of the interpreter, code of ethics, cultural competency, regulations that affect the interpreter, Title VI, HIPAA, hospital systems, anatomy and physiology, self-care, how to work with a chaplain, and the dual role interpreter. The course is 16 weeks (5 hours a week) which includes homework, instructional videos, pre-test, midterm and final exams written and oral and a mandatory weekly two hours face to face time via zoom (for a more personalized learning experience) with the instructor.  Our instructor has 40+ years working in the medical field as a nurse and a mental health counselor.  Also 20 years working as a medical interpreter. She is a CHI™ certificant.  The course includes the textbook which is authored by our instructor. We offer a one- week money-back guarantee. Please visit our website at http://www.mcainterpreters.com for more information, or call us at 219-229-5351 or email us at circe@mallofmagic.com.
  • Medical Communication Ambassadors – Mandarin/English Medical Interpreting -Medical Communication Ambassadors has been training medical interpreters for 20 years, and over the past two years, we have adapted our tried-and-true curriculum for Mandarin/English interpreting. What makes our 80-hour, fully online course unique is its depth and its Chinese language specificity. While most medical interpretation certification courses include 40 hours of language-agnostic (meaning, taught in English) instruction and a few language-specific meetings with a coach, our course spends double the time on instruction and practice in small, intimate classes, all of which is taught bilingually in both English and Mandarin. Our course covers interpretation techniques, areas of medicine like cardiology and psychology, and topics such as intercultural communication and self care, more than preparing students for the national exam. We believe this extensive practice and curriculum is not only essential to the training of competent, confident medical interpreters, it also gives students an edge in seeking employment. Our all-inclusive tuition fee comes with a one-week money-back guarantee. Please visit www.medicalmandarin.com, call (612) 735-6066, or email mca.med.mandarin@gmail.com
  • The Medical Interpreter Online (TMIO) – Prepare for medical interpreter certification with the most comprehensive self-paced 40-hour certificate in medical interpreting. Developed by Cross-Cultural Communications, the leading national provider for medical and community interpreter training, and hosted by our online training platform, Blue Horizon, this intensive program promotes national ethics and standards of practice in the field and tackles medical terminology, the healthcare system, medical protocols—including HIPAA and infection control—and language access laws.
    For more information, please contact Maisoon Ateem Abdelrhman, Program Manager, at 410-312-5599 or info@cultureandlanguage.net. Visit our website at: https://www.interpretertraining-online.com/.
  • Medical Interpreting Training School (MITS) –  This renowned online course offers you the flexibility and convenience to control your learning at your own pace. In addition to the comprehensive 40-hour course, MITS provides you with more than 20 hours of exam preparation materials free of charge. You’ll find multiple interactive quizzes, videos, lectures, games, and dozens of oral interpreting exercises in a computer software system similar to the certification test formats. The perfect combination to help you prepare for both, the written and oral CCHI certification exams. More info at mitswebsite.com.
  • Multilingual Technologies Inc. (MLT) presents an elite 40-hour Medical Interpreter and
    Terminology Training Program, meticulously designed to surpass industry benchmarks and prepare participants for CCHI certification. In an intensive five-day course, participants engage actively with real-life medical scenarios, refining their skills across consecutive, simultaneous, and sight translation modalities, and mastering essential medical terminology.

    With a class size limited to only 8 students, our online training—led by seasoned experts—guarantees a focused and personalized educational experience complemented by extensive and detailed feedback. The curriculum covers topics such as medical terminology decoding, standards of practice, HIPAA policy, the anatomy of human body systems, common diseases, symptoms, procedures, the US health insurance system, and the effective handling of emergency medical calls.
    Daily terminology quizzes and scenario-based interpretation exercises not only prepare trainees to excel in the final oral examination but also to fulfill the 40-hour training requirement for CCHI’s national certifications. MLT’s program arms aspiring interpreters with the crucial tools, knowledge, hands-on practice, and confidence needed to either kick-start or advance their career in medical interpretation. For more information about this course, please visit
    https://www.multilingual-tech.com/services/interpreter-training/ or contact Mr. Bakhtiyor
    Khodjayev, Lead Trainer and QA Specialist, at bahtiyor@multilingual-tech.com.
  • The Professional Medical Interpreter is is an online, self-paced 40-hour medical interpreter training course developed by The Academy of Interpretation (the AOI). This comprehensive course was designed to teach multilinguals the specialized skills they need to meet the demands of professional interpreting in today’s world. The course includes video lessons, exercises, interpreting practices, medical terminology glossary and flashcards, and your choice of physical or digital textbooks. The AOI’s in-house instructor provides students with virtual support, including dedicated office hours, throughout their learning journey. After taking the Professional Medical Interpreter course, students earn the title of Qualified Medical Interpreter (QMI) and will be qualified to work as a QMI for hospitals, medical offices, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare settings. For more information about the Professional Medical Interpreter, contact support@academyofinterpretation.com or call +1 800-968-2919. You can browse all of our workshops, courses and CEUs at https://www.academyofinterpretation.com/courses.
  • Ramapo College – As part of the Ramapo College Spanish for Health Care and Human Services Professionals Certificate Program, awarded two UISFL grants by the department of education, the 4-credit academic course “Medical Interpreting- Vital Exchanges, Authentic Connections” fulfills the training requirement for the CCHI exam. The course provides students with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of healthcare communication with professionalism, cultural sensitivity and ethical integrity, ensuring quality care for diverse patient populations. Specifically, this 50-hour course provides intensive practice across all three modes of interpreting: Sight translation, consecutive interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting, as well as translation of written messages. The course also emphasizes idiomatic expressions from different Spanish-speaking regions, as well as an understanding of nonverbal content. During 2024, the course will be taught virtually on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 9:45 pm (Eastern) from May 30 to July 3rd.  Each week includes class meetings, forum posts, assignments, and interpreting practice sessions tailored to different healthcare scenarios. For questions on course fees, contact admissions@ramapo.edu and for questions on course content, contact Laura Price (lprice2@ramapo.edu).
  • SFAA Individual 40-Hour Healthcare Interpreter Training with Coaching  SFAA is the first online individualized program offered in Texas, in the U.S., and Worldwide since 2013. This training incorporates two highly effective ways of learning objectives: self-paced and individual coaching with a trainer using a secure platform. This course lasts up to six months but can be completed sooner. The attendee will be able to log into the SFAA Online Scheduler to schedule their online meetings with the trainer. Flexible schedule on weekdays, after hours, and some weekends. This program consists of nine modules that include different interpretation modes, codes of ethics, dilemmas in healthcare, anatomy and physiology of major body systems (EN-SP), mental health, and acronyms and abbreviations in healthcare. SFAA ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: FOUR EASY STEPS TO REGISTER. Do you still have any questions? Or would you like to take advantage of our payment plans? Contact: wbonthrone@spanishforallaustin.com, Waleska Bonthrone, SFAA Trainer.

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