Connecting to Virtual Summit

The Virtual Summit has 2 activities:

  • watching the Plenary Sessions Livestream in the morning and in the afternoon, i.e. similar to watching a webinar;
  • participating in a Virtual Roundtable, i.e. meeting with your webcam and audio on.

Both activities take place via the Zoom platform. See the screenshots of the Zoom platform here.

Plenary Sessions Livestream Instructions:

  • If you registered for the Plenary Sessions Livestream only, you receive an email with instructions and 1 (one) link to connect to this webinar-like environment. With that link, you are able to watch and listen to the plenary sessions of the Summit.
  • You will be on mute, so you will not be able to talk to presenters or organizers during this part.
  • You may keep the connection on throughout the whole day of the Summit. Or you may disconnect for the breaks and then connect again using the same link.
  • To make sure your device and internet connection are Zoom-ready, watch this one-minute How to Join a Zoom Webinar videoIf you want more technical details, you can read about how to join webinar here, and about the attendee’s controls here.You do not need an account to join the webinar but you may need to download a necessary app or browser extension (depending on the device and the browser you are using).
  • Keep in mind that you will get the certificate of attendance only for the maximum of 4 CE hours for attending in this way: 3 CE hrs for the morning sessions and 1 CE hr for the afternoon sessions. The certificates will be issued based on the record of your connection throughout the day (but the time of connection during the breaks is not counted towards the certificate).
  • The certificate of attendance will be emailed to you by November 2, 2019. If you do not receive it by 11/2/19, contact us at
  • If you are connecting by phone (not through the app but by calling in), please email your phone number to to confirm your attendance. The Zoom platform will display the phone numbers to us but not the name of the person using that phone number. (If you are joining through a weblink/webinar ID via a browser or an app on any device, then you do not need to send us your phone number.)

Virtual Roundtable Instructions:

  • If you registered for the full Virtual Summit attendance – Plenary Sessions and Roundtable, you received an email from with instructions and 2 (two) Zoom links.
  • You have been assigned to participate in a specific Roundtable based on your choices indicated in the registration form.
  • You will need to disconnect from the webinar-like Plenary Sessions Livestream during the lunch break. And you will need to connect to your Roundtable using the second link provided in the email, at 1:30 pm Central Time.
  • When you connect to the Roundtable, your webcam and microphone are enabled by default. You will be able to see and speak to the moderator and other participants, and they will be able to see and hear you as well. The purpose of this activity is to have a live conversation, to exchange ideas.
  • Please connect from a place with a quiet setting. You will be able to mute yourself if needed to minimize the background noise and un-mute when you are ready to talk.
  • For participating in this activity, you will add 1.5 CE hrs to your certificate of attendance.
  • After the Roundtable is over, please connect back to the Plenary Sessions Livestream at around 4 pm Central Time, using the first  (webinar) link (the same one you used in the morning).

CCHI’s staff is not capable of providing tech support during the webinar, please contact Zoom support (via online Chat feature) directly.

Please take a moment now to verify that you received the email with your link(s) to join (sent on 10/2/19 and 10/6/19). If you did not receive this email, check your junk mail folder. If you still cannot locate this email, contact us at  Attendees are responsible for ensuring that they have the equipment, Internet connection, and link(s) to join at the required time(s).

Virtual Summit Sponsor:

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