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Healthcare Interpreter Job Task Analysis (JTA) Study


The purpose of the 2022 Job Task Analysis (JTA) is to identify the current knowledge, skills and abilities needed to competently perform the job of an interpreter in any U.S. healthcare setting and in any interpreting modality. JTA is a cornerstone of developing and maintaining an effective competency-based certification program.

It is a tool to define a healthcare interpreter profession as it exists today, thoroughly, accurately, and without any bias. We must understand and document everything that people are doing under the umbrella of the healthcare interpreter profession. We have to be honest in describing the profession as it actually exists, and not as some may want it to be. And this definition must come from the profession itself – not just an expert panel, or a focus group, or industry leaders – but the entire profession. That’s why we need every interpreter, especially, every certified interpreter, to complete the JTA survey.

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The 2022 JTA Study Report – click here.

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CCHI conducted its previous national JTA of healthcare interpreters in 2016. That national survey was completed by over 2,000 interpreters, trainers, and supervisors/managers. You can see the reports of the 2016 and 2010 JTA surveys below.

Six years have passed, and our profession has witnessed significant changes in how interpreting services are delivered in health care. Changes that were influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, by the technological innovations, and by the growth of the training opportunities for interpreters.

Additionally, this time we need your input to help us create a new credential with the English-to-English interpreter performance exam for interpreters of those languages for which a bilingual certification exam does not exist or is not feasible. See more information about the EtoE project at

For the new JTA project, CCHI has contracted with Prometric. Their Senior Assessment Design Specialist Charis Walikonis is overseeing the project. In March-April 2022, we are holding virtual meetings of 15 volunteer Subject Matter Experts (the JTA Task Force) to review the previous JTA survey and update as needed the domains of our profession and tasks performed by healthcare interpreters. This panel is composed of actual practitioners who represent a true cross-section of the healthcare interpreting industry.


As a token of our gratitude to those who complete the survey, CCHI will offer 1 hour of non-instructional CE credit to our certificants. Certificates will be issued in late June, after the survey is closed. And, on June 30, 2022, we’ll raffle off 20 Amazon gift cards of $25 value each (make sure to include your email address at the end of the survey to participate in the drawing).

  • Subject Matter Experts of the 2022 JTA Study

    CCHI expresses its gratitude to the volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs) who helped develop the JTA 2022 survey and exam specifications. The dedication of these certified interpreters – who volunteered numerous hours to CCHI – is exceptional:

    Paula Coulter (Spanish; AZ)
    Pla Htoo (Karen, Burmese; MN)
    Rebecca Kranz (Spanish, ASL; MA)
    Lynn La (Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin; CA)
    Nanyi Mateo (Spanish; DR)
    Hala Mukhtar (Arabic; BC)
    Annalisa Nash Fernandez (Portuguese, Spanish; CT)
    Alicia Quim (Spanish; TX)
    Patricia Rozzo-Leadley (Spanish; NY)
    I. Lissett Samaniego (Spanish; CA)
    Gilberto Sanchez (Spanish; IL)
    Narayan Sharma (Nepali; OH)
    Kun (Jasmine) Shi (Mandarin; MI)
    Emily Sielen (Spanish; WA)
    Catherine Wilson (Spanish; NC)
    Sura Al Khalidi (Arabic; CA)
    Kristin Grace (ASL; IL)
    Jane Kontrimas (Russian; MA)
    E. Adriana Perez (Spanish; TX)
    Isabel Pinto Franco (Portuguese; MA)
    Laura Rodriguez (Spanish; TX)
    Hilda Sanchez-Herrera (Spanish; SD)
    Norio Takaki (Portuguese, Japanese; MA)

  • JTA Reports

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