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Application to Renew Certification

All certified interpreters will need to submit an online application for renewal of their credential every four (4) years. The renewal application requires uploading documentation of continuing education and payment of the non-refundable renewal application fee.

UPDATE: CCHI temporarily reduces by 20% the certification renewal fee for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new renewal fee is $240 (instead of $300). This decision is retroactive as of March 1, 2020, i.e. the reduction is applicable to all those certificants who paid the renewal fee on and after 03/01/20. We will refund the difference to those who have paid the fee by 06/20/20. The refund will be processed online to the card used for the original payment. All certificants submitting their renewal applications now will see and pay the reduced fee as part of the regular online application process. CCHI reserves the right to discontinue this discounted fee at any time at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

The application must be submitted 90-30 days before the renewal of the credential is due. CCHI reserves the right to charge fees for late submission. If you submitted the renewal application after the expiration date, CCHI will charge a $20 late fee.

Application review process takes four-eight (4-8) weeks from the date of submission.

CCHI may offer certificants whose renewal applications do not meet CCHI’s requirements additional time to complete the requirements.

When a certifcation credential is renewed for an additional period of four years, the certification renewal date will be four years from the date the certifcation credential was initially awarded regardless of when the renewal application is submitted. The updated certificate will be emailed within four (4) weeks of the current credential expiration, regardless of when the application is accepted.

If a Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter™ or  Certified Healthcare Interpreter™ certificant does not submit their renewal applications before expiration of the credential, or if they do not meet the renewal requirements, their certification will expire, and they will be automatically removed from CCHI’s national registry of certified interpreters. Individuals whose certification expires will need to start the certification process from the beginning, i.e. submit a new application, take and pass all relevant examinations.

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