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Happy Holidays and New Year 2022

Dear CCHI Community and Friends,

We have endured, survived, and thrived one more year of significant challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Like a spotlight, this pandemic has highlighted the social/economic inequities of our modern societies. Health inequities are nothing new to Healthcare Interpreters and the work we do, day-in and day-out, to reduce them has never been more obvious or appreciated. Around the nation diversity, equity and inclusion measures are being implemented and LEP patient services are at the forefront of these efforts. We would never wish this virus on the world, and yet it has taught us such a valuable lesson: we are one human family, and our collective wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of each individual.

The changes we hope for may seem overwhelming, but each individual one of us have made, and continue to make significant contributions. We have been vaccinated, revaccinated, boosted, masked, physically distanced, and completed assignments we never thought possible via video or telephone interpreting. Recognizing the financial hardships this pandemic has caused for so many, CCHI has done everything possible to support our community through renewal discounts to remote exam proctoring. We thank and appreciate all of you – all of us – for the multiple contributions and sacrifices made during these past two years.

As we reflect on these difficult times, the CCHI Commissioners would like to celebrate and thank all who renewed their certification and the many newly certified interpreters who have made the effort to obtain the stamp of quality and professionalism that CCHI offers. This is a major accomplishment at any time, and even more so during a pandemic. We are nearly 5,000 CHI interpreters strong and growing every year.

As we say goodbye to 2021, I would like to express CCHI´s appreciation to all who support our programs to promote our profession. Our scholarship funders helped us increase certification for languages of lesser diffusion; our presenters and volunteers helped CCHI offer amazing webinars, “Community Conversations” and panel discussions throughout the year; our writers, editors and participants of the “Gender Neutral Language in Health Care” survey; and the supervisors, managers and directors of language services who share their best practices for the benefit of all LEP patients in our “National Language Access Leadership Huddles.” Of course, CCHI could never complete its mission without the hard work and dedication of our amazing raters, dedicated staff, beloved Commissioners, and our incredible Executive Director who continues to help us navigate both smooth and rough waters. Of course, there would be no certification without all the talented CHI and CoreCHI interpreters who volunteered to write, review, and edit our new test items. Thank YOU all for helping CCHI survive and thrive during 2021.

2022 will continue to be an exciting and challenging year. We look forward to many test-development and community engagement projects that have been long planned for. On behalf of CCHI Commissioners and staff, I want to reassure you that we will be here for you throughout 2022 and for as long as it takes to ensure all healthcare interpreters have the certification and professional respect they deserve.

If you are in the position to donate to CCHI, we welcome your holiday gift and promise to put it to very good use Donate link. There will also be many opportunities to volunteer with us in the coming year.

From our family to yours, we wish you a warm and happy holiday season.

Mateo C. Rutherford-Rojas
CCHI Chair

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Updates to CCHI’s Marks Use Policies

The Commissioners have made three changes to the CCHI’s Marks Use Policies that are effective immediately (While these changes are effective immediately as of this notice, CCHI gives everyone a 60-day period to fully comply with this policy, i.e. by February 16, 2022).

The most important change affects the holders of the CHI-Arabic, CHI-Mandarin and CHI-Spanish credential. These certificants MUST specify the primary language of the credential’s performance exam by providing it immediately after the designation either with a hyphen or in parentheses. E.g., Certified Healthcare Interpreter™-Spanish OR Certified Healthcare Interpreter (Arabic) OR CHI-Mandarin. They can no longer use the CHI designation alone after their name.

The other two updates apply to holders of both the CoreCHI and CHI credentials and are meant to make these marks more user-friendly:

  • Use of the trademark symbol ™ is optional.
  • Certificants may use title case to spell out the name of the credential, i.e., they don’t have to use all caps or small caps fonts.

The full texts of the policies are available at:

Update of 2023, when the CoreCHI-Performance credential was introduced:

With any specific questions, please contact us at

Fall 2021 Discover HCI Scholarship Awards

December 15, 2021

Washington, DC
Columbia, MD

Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI)
Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC)

We are delighted to announce two recipients of the 2021 Fall cycle of the “Discover Healthcare Interpreting” CoreCHI™ Scholarship. This scholarship supports certification of interpreters of languages for which only the CoreCHI™ certification is currently available. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC) and Marjory Bancroft, personally, for the contribution to our 2021 Fall scholarship.

Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC) is the only national on-site and online training organization for medical and community interpreting, with more than 380 licensed trainers in 43 U.S. states, Washington, DC, Guam, and six other countries. CCC provides training, consulting, and curriculum development, including training of trainer (TOT) programs. Our courses train bilingual staff as well as freelance interpreters. Our core program, The Community Interpreter®, is a 40-hr certificate foundation program for medical, educational, and/or social services interpreters. Under our imprint, Culture & Language Press, we publish interpreting textbooks, workbooks and trainer’s guides sold in more than 30 countries and all 50 U.S. states. Our online training platform, Blue Horizon, provides self-paced and live online programs in medical, community and legal interpreting.

The Fall 2021 recipients of the “Discover Healthcare Interpreting” CoreCHI™ Scholarship, sponsored by Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC), are:

1. Arif Hussain (Hindi, Urdu, MA)
2. Sarah Bendaly (French, MN)

CCHI and Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC) commend the achievements and the commitment to professional success of the scholarship winners. We wish them the best of luck on their testing and certification journey.

CCHI Commissioners and staff
Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC)

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