December 15, 2021

Updates to CCHI’s Marks Use Policies

The Commissioners have made three changes to the CCHI’s Marks Use Policies that are effective immediately (While these changes are effective immediately as of this notice, CCHI gives everyone a 60-day period to fully comply with this policy, i.e. by February 16, 2022).

The most important change affects the holders of the CHI-Arabic, CHI-Mandarin and CHI-Spanish credential. These certificants MUST specify the primary language of the credential’s performance exam by providing it immediately after the designation either with a hyphen or in parentheses. E.g., Certified Healthcare Interpreter™-Spanish OR Certified Healthcare Interpreter (Arabic) OR CHI-Mandarin. They can no longer use the CHI designation alone after their name.

The other two updates apply to holders of both the CoreCHI and CHI credentials and are meant to make these marks more user-friendly:

  • Use of the trademark symbol ™ is optional.
  • Certificants may use title case to spell out the name of the credential, i.e., they don’t have to use all caps or small caps fonts.

The full texts of the policies are available at:

Update of 2023, when the CoreCHI-Performance credential was introduced:

With any specific questions, please contact us at

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