Benefits for LSCs

Benefits of hiring or contracting CCHI-credentialed interpreters:

  • You have an authoritative, psychometrically validated, third-party assurance that interpreters can perform entry-level job tasks in all three modes of interpreting – consecutive, simultaneous, and sight translation – in a variety of medical and healthcare settings (see our Test Content Outline for more information).  This knowledge allows you to save time on optimal scheduling – any credentialed interpreter can work in any setting or sensitive situation.
  • You can meet any customer’s requirement of proving and documenting your interpreters’ qualifications and competency. You can simply refer your customers to our National Healthcare Interpreter Registry for verification.
  • You can save your resources on training your interpreters – CCHI requires all credential holders to meet CCHI’s continuing education and work experience requirements that are designed to prevent the interpreter’s knowledge and skills obsolescence.
  • You can better comply with the IRS contractor status requirements – your contractors’ performance skills are evaluated by a third party, and you do not need to conduct any professional training as it is already part of the CCHI credential renewal process.  In other words, you now contract independent professionals.

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