The benefits of becoming certified

The healthcare interpreter profession is continuously growing and acquiring earned respect and recognition amongst healthcare professionals and language services companies.

Through the establishment of stringent healthcare interpreter certification standards, CCHI is having a direct and positive effect on patient safety, reducing readmission rates, eliminating health disparities, compliance with Title VI requirements for meaningful language access,  the Americans with Disabilities Act, national CLAS standards, Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, and The Joint Commission standards for effective communication and patient-centered care.

Healthcare interpreters certified by CCHI are trained, qualified, accountable, prepared, and dedicated.

  • Interpreter Benefits

    Valid recognition

    Preferred by healthcare providers

    Increase demand

    Enhanced professional career path

    Lifelong advancement opportunities

  • Patient Benefits

    Effective Communication

    Accurate diagnosis and treatment

    Accurate informed consent

    Decrease in medical errors

  • Industry Benefits

    Positive impact on risk management

    Better cost control and reduced readmission rates

    Higher patient compliance and satisfaction

    Assessed qualifications of interpreters

    Systematic method of workforce development

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