Requirements for Work Experience Documentation

Individuals who receive CCHI certification must document a minimum of 40 hours of work experience as a medical interpreter in order to renew their certification. The work experience may be as an employee/staff, contractor/freelancer, volunteer, or any combination thereof.

The work experience must be performing interpreting specifically in a healthcare setting. Work experience as interpreter for Workers’ Compensation hearings is accepted. Work experience as legal, court, social services or educational interpreter are not accepted. Being a manager of language services or educator/trainer does not meet this requirement; all 40 hours must be of actually interpreting.

We accept employer’s statements about the certificant’s work experience in healthcare settings that are presented on an official letterhead, dated and signed.

View samples of Work Experience Verification documentation:


Work Requirement Waiver Policy

Purpose of this policy:

To provide a work requirement waiver to the certificants who fulfilled CCHI’s continuing education (CE) requirements but were not able to fulfill the work requirement because of a qualifying event. This policy outlines under which conditions and how such relief will be provided.

Policy Details:

Eligibility: Only certificants who fulfilled CE requirements and demonstrated a documented need for a waiver based on the qualifying events may receive the waiver.

Qualifying Events: Parental Leave, Unemployment, Temporary Disability, Military Service (certificant’s or spouse’), Forced Relocation.

Documentation: Certificants will submit an email request to after uploading proof of 32 CE hours. Certificants will submit supporting documents or documentation such as a doctor’s note (signed, official letterhead), a letter from a former employer or agency, a letter from the office of unemployment benefits, a proof of military service letter, FEMA or Red Cross documentation certifying forced relocation.

Waiver Period: Four years. This is a one-time waiver.

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