Testing Vendors for Language Proficiency (LP) Tests

CCHI accepts language proficiency tests for Languages Other Than English (LOTEs) from the testing vendors listed below.


For any CCHI credential:

  1. Language Testing International (LTI)https://www.languagetesting.com/certifications-tests (accepted tests: OPI and OPIc)
  2. ALTAhttps://altalang.com/languages-offered/

Note: ALTA tests are available through employers of interpreters or as part of ALTA’s training programs. These tests are not currently available to individuals.


For the bilingual CHI™ credentials (i.e., ONLY for Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish)* in addition to the above, CCHI accepts LP test results from:

  1. Cross-Cultural Communication Systems, Inc.
  2. Certified Languages International (CLI)
  3. InterpreterEd.com
  4. LanguageLine Solutions
  5. MARTTI by UpHealth
  6. MasterWord Services
  7. Translation & Interpretation Network


* At this time, CCHI does not accept LP tests from these vendors for any other languages.

CCHI is in the process of convening an Advisory Panel that will develop an evaluation process for LP tests and help create a national Registry of Accredited Language Proficiency Tests. Until this Registry is established, CCHI Commissioners approve LP testing vendors at their discretion, applying CCHI’s evaluation criteria.

If you are a testing vendor and wish CCHI evaluate your LP tests for inclusion on this list, please contact us at solutions@cchicertification.org and include “language proficiency testing” as part of your subject.

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