2024 Certification Summit Handouts

Second National Healthcare Interpreter Certification Summit on April 6, 2024

Handouts Shared by Presenters

(Presenters have specifically given permission for CCHI to share the handouts below.)

Title & Presenters (Click on the title to view/download)

Interpreters’ Slam
Paul Spacek, M.S., CHI – Spanish, & Paco Martinez, M.A., CHI-Spanish (Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City)
Advancing Skills in the Digital Era A Practical Approach to Technology and Growth in Healthcare Interpreting
Andrew Dafoe, CHI-Spanish. LA and MS Court Certified Interpreter (TNOLA Languages)
I’m Not Just Bilingual, I’m a Professional Interpreter
Tatiana Cestari, Ph.D., CHI-Spanish, & Danielle Meder, RID-NIC (MARTTI by UpHealth)
Remediating Situations: Important Tips for Interpreting Success
Romina Espinosa, M.A., CHI-Spanish (UC San Diego Health)
Vital Signs: How to Effectively Communicate with Deaf Patients in Healthcare Settings
Timothy Riker M.A., CDI, CLIP-R (Brown University, DeafYES! Center for Deaf Empowerment and Recovery)
From Evidence to Action – How Do Your Providers Rate (on Language Access?)
David Hunt, J.D. (BCT Partners)
Every Time? Changing Mindsets
Andy Schwieter, CMI-Spanish (Cincinnati Children’s)
It’s All About the Drills! Preparing for Certification the Deliberate Way
Elena Langdon, M.A., CT (MasterWord)
Keeping up With a Caffeinated Cheetah: Coping with Fast Speakers in Simultaneous Interpretation
Johanna Parker, M.A., CHI-Spanish, FCCI  (CCHI) and Victoria Sormani, CHI-Spanish
Idiomatic Expressions: Excuse me, que dijo?
Heidi Hobson, CHI-Spanish
Interpreting for Radiation Oncology Encounters
Erika Saldana, CHI-Spanish
The Quality Conundrum: Aligning Onsite and On-Demand Remote Healthcare Interpreter Qualifications
Katharine Allen, M.A. (Boostlingo)
The Art of Note-Taking: LAB PRACTICE
Catalina Natalini, M.A., Certified Spanish Court Interpreter, & Maria Perez-Chambers, FCCI (Magna Voce LLC)
The Role of the Interpreter in Speech-Language Pathology
Devin Lukachik, B.A., CHI-Spanish
Insights from the Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force
Ludmila Golovine, Christina Green, Court Certified Interpreter, ATA Certified Translator, Timothy Riker M.A., CDI, CLIP-R, Bill Rivers, PhD



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