ATA 2023 Conference Sessions accredited by CEAP

Who: American Translators Association

How many CE hours accredited by CCHI: 

Due to concurrent sessions, attendees may earn a maximum of 12 CE hours for 3-day attendance (3 CE hrs Thursday, 4 CE hrs Friday, and 5 CE hrs on Saturday), CEAP ID #10283.

(ATA session’s ID is a three-digit number before the title.)

1.004.Steam Off! Stress Management for Interpreters
2.005.Post-COVID-19 Health Care Era, Virtual Patient Care, and Language Barriers
3.006.Negotiating with Direct Clients
4.007.Neural Machine Translation: What Are You Afraid of?
5.009.Gender and Sexuality Representation in Audio Descriptions: A Contrastive Study of The Danish Girl and Tracey
6.010.Dealing with Stress in School Mental Health Interpreting
7.011.Arabic: Is It Really One Language?
8.012.Est-ce Que Ça Cloche?! Coping with Culture Clash in French to English Fashion Translation
9.015.To Use or Not to Use? Computer-Assisted Interpreting (CAI) Tools and Tips for Successfully Managing Interpreters’ Cognitive Resources
10.018.Breaking through Barriers and Leveraging Opportunities: A Discussion on Success, Growth, and Innovation in Translation and Interpreting
11.019.Make Room for Everyone at Your Online Meeting Table: Tips for Accessible Digital Collaborations
12.021.Making a Difference: How to Contribute to the Professionalization of Interpreting
13.023.The Power of Fine Print: Writing Your Own Freelance Contract.
14.024.Macintosh Magic: Practical Tips to Enhancing Your Workflow
15.025.Using Inclusive Language in Italian: A Tricky but Manageable Task for Translators
16.026.Foreign Loanwords and Japanese Society
17.027.The Beat Goes On: Stay Fired Up for the Long Haul!
18.031.Anglicisms in Spanish Translation: Beyond Words
19.032.Business Models for Freelance Interpreters and Translator
20.035.Practical Tips on Making Your Translations Sound More Natural
21.036.Introduction to Cognitive Debriefing (PB)
22.037.New Frontier for the Linguist-Centered Enterprise
23.038.The New Dawn of Translation Quality
24.039.A Guide to Chinese Scientific, Technical, and Political Jargon in Translation
25.040.Translating the World of Geek and Pop Culture
26.042.German to English Medical Translation
27.044.Sharpen Your English Scientific Writing Skills (PB)
28.045.Code Blue: Un acercamiento a la interpretación y la traducción médicas
29.046. ATA Law Division Professional Forum: Using Neural Machine Translation Engines for Translating Legal Documents
30.047.Caring for Your Brain and Hearing Health
31.049.Large Language Models and Me: The (Very) Near Future of Machine Translation
32.051.Let’s Be Proactive about Psychoactives
34.053.Got a Quality Complaint? Say Yes! How to Address Quality Issues and Show Your Value
35.054.There Is No Knowledge without Terminology (Extraction)
36.055.Unpacking Chinese to English Interpreting: Eight Techniques and Five Steps (PB)
37.056.Inclusive Language in K-12 Education
38.057.Domestication and Foreignization Techniques in Post MT-Editing of Arabic Idiomatic Expressions: Where to Go from Here? (PB)
39.063.Diversity, Equity. and Inclusion in Language: Removing Barriers in our Daily T+I Work (in Spanish)
40.066.Roads Less Taken: Translating and Languages of Limited Diffusion
41.067.Interpreting in Immigration Settings
42.068.Advocacy Strategies: Effective Storytelling for Language Professionals
43.069.Traveler Medical Chart Translation and Treatment Challenges
44.071.MT Is Dead: Long Live the Large Language Model
45.072.They Have No Idea: Translation Insiders and Outsiders, Part I
46.077.From the Booth to the Screen: The Magical Combination of Live Captioning and Simultaneous Interpreting in Practice!
47.078.Interpreting and Translating for Families of Children with Multiple or Low-Incidence Disabilities: Terms to Know
48.083.Translating and Interpreting in the World of Sports
49.084.Future-Proofing Your Career
50.085.Automate Your Workflow!
51.088.Capturing Elusive Creatures: Context-Dependent Words and Phrases in English to Japanese Scientific Translation (PB)
52.091.What Is Conference Interpreting and What Is Not
53.092.Spanish Grammar Rules for Non-Native Spanish Speakers (PB)
54.093.Broaden Your Horizons
55.098.Panel Discussion: Starting Out in the T&I Profession
56.099.Language Professionals in the Era of Omnipresent Generative AI
57.102.Creativity in Japanese English
58.105.The JEDI Mindset
59.110.Got Standards?
60.111.What Interpreters Need to Know about Complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
61.113.Master the Safety and Continuity of Your Business
62.114.Re-Branding Yourself as a Language Specialist in a Quickly Changing Industry
63.116.The Activist Translator: How Visible and Influential Can a Translator Be?
64.119.Unlocking Your Creative Potential: The Power of Nonlinear Thinking
65.126.Translation and Interpreting: A Vessel for Social and Community Change
66.127.From Translator to Writer: The Path Toward Medical Writing
67.128.How to Grow Your Freelance Business if You Work with a Rare Language Pair
68.131.Bidirectionality: Simultaneously Interpreting Into and Out of Your A Language
69.132.Making Coherent English Out of a Pile of Russian Nouns
70.134.Use of Open Educational Resources for Interpreter Training
71.138.Not only COVID-19 vaccines need clinical trials. Understanding the basics of clinical research
72.141.Role of Emotions in Interpreting the Russia-Ukraine War on TV
73.142.Enhancing Legal Interpreting with AI Tools: ChatGPT and Beyond
74.144.Regroup and Refocus: Reaching Your Goals in a Season of Self-Care
75.146.Pseudo-Similarity: Subtle Differences between Medical Terms
76.148.Intro to the Revised ISO 12616-1
77.149.Language Technology Is Your Friend! A Necessary Pep Talk
78.153.Supporting Languages of Limited Diffusion
79.155.Translator Training: The Relevance of Strong Writing Skills
80.160.Approaching Your Role as an Interpreter through a Language Justice Lens
81.161.Plain Language and Lenguaje Claro in Legal Translation and Other Fields: A Case-Based Approach
82.165.ISO 13611 Finally Gets a Makeover!
83.166.911 Telecommunication Interpreting
84.168.Artificial Intelligence: Near-Term Threats and Opportunities for Translators
85.171.The Importance of Total Available Processing Capacity for Simultaneous Interpreters and How It Can Be Managed? (PB)
86.178.Increasing Simultaneous Speed and Conquering Idioms: How to Create Your Own Court Exam Practice Materials Step-By-Step (PB)
87.180.The Precious Gift, the Great Breakthrough: Organ Donation and Transplantation
88.182.ChatGPT and Other Large Language Models: Assessing Their Ability to Translate and Their Impact on the Future of Translation
89.183.What’s Cooking? An Introduction to Culinary Translation
90.185.Pre-Editing Japanese Documents for Better Machine Translation  (PB)
91.186.Principles of Plain Language
92.187.Messenger RNA Vaccines
93.189.Plain Language and Your Role as Translator
94.190.ChatGPT, anyone? Top Industry Trends and What They Mean for You
95.192.Consecutive Interpreting: Why It Matters
96.195.Don’t Get Burned! Fundamentals for Interpreting for Burn Encounters
97.199.Linguistic and Cultural Challenges for Mental Health Interpreters

Pre-conference workshops (3 CE hrs each):

98.AST-01.Level Up Your Self-Evaluation Toolkit: Applying the Interpreter Self-Evaluation Tool for Practitioners and Trainers
99.AST-07.Online Presence Strategies for Translators and Interpreters
100.AST-11.Upgrading Your Sight Translation Skills to Improve Your Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting  (PB)
101.AST-14.Demystifying Artificial Intelligence, Neural Machine Translation, and Large Language Models
102.AST-15.Long-Term Productivity for Freelancers

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