• CE webinar #13: Joint Replacement Procedures for Healthcare Interpreters (Russian) (10/6/18)

    The webinar was held on October 6, 2018. Our guest presenter Margarita Bekker focuses on the medical concepts, terminology and protocols/procedures related to joint replacement of the hip and knee, including peri-operative patient education, surgery and post-operative rehabilitation, with the attention to the fact that mostly geriatric patients undergo such procedures.

    The online training module is coming soon.

  • CE Webinar #12 - Vicarious Trauma and Professional Interpreters (05/16/18)

    The webinar was held on May 16, 2018. Our guest presenter Ludmila Golovine, President of MasterWord® Services, guided the attendees through a series of case studies and tools that can help identify and examine triggers leading to vicarious trauma impacting language professionals and their well-being and performance. This webinar was not recorded because its content is best delivered live. CCHI will repeat the webinar later in 2018.

  • Tips for Taking the CHI™ Oral Performance Exam (03/28/18)

    So you aced the CoreCHI™ written exam and now you’re ready to take the CHI™ oral performance exam for healthcare interpreter! Don’t panic! CCHI’s Executive Director talks about the CHI™ exam’s structure, administration logistics, how to prepare for it, and how it is scored.

  • Tips for Taking the CoreCHI™ Written Exam (03/21/18)

    Are you about to start your certification journey with CCHI? Your first step, after your application is approved, is to take the CoreCHI™ written exam. This presentation is for all medical interpreters who are getting ready to take the CoreCHI™ exam.  CCHI’s Executive Director explains the CoreCHI™ exam’s structure, administration logistics, and how to prepare for it.

  • #GetCertified with CCHI - How to apply (02/23/18)

    This webinar discusses CCHI certification and the steps you need to take the embark on your certification journey! Specifically, the following questions are addressed:

    • What are the eligibility requirements?
    • What kind of training is accepted?
    • How to meet and document the language proficiency requirement?
    • How to fill out the application online?
  • How to renew your CCHI certification? (02/07/18)

    This webinar contains an overview of the CCHI certification renewal requirements and guidelines. Specifically, the following questions are addressed:

    • How and when do you submit your certification renewal applications?
    • What are the continuing education (CE) and work experience requirements?
    • What topics qualify as performance-based (PB)?
    • What are the non-instructional CE activities? How to document them?
    • How do you document that you have met these requirements?
  • CE webinar #011 - Healthcare Interpreter’s Elusive Quest to Maintain Register (12/16/17)

    CCHI has invited Natalya Mytareva, M.A., CoreCHI™, to present this free Continuing Education webinar. In this webinar, we clarify the concepts of register and dialect in the context of healthcare interpreting and their characteristics. Factors affecting the interpreter’s ability to maintain register as well as components of mastering this skill will be discussed. Importance and relevance of maintaining the speaker’s register in healthcare settings will be exemplified. In conclusion, participants will practice recognizing instances when maintaining the speaker’s register is critical for effective communication in a healthcare encounter. The webinar is presented in English.

  • CE webinar #010 - Arabic Accents and Dialects (11/27/17)

    CCHI has invited Mutaz Al Mudaris, CHI™-Arabic, to present this free Continuing Education webinar for Arabic interpreters. In this webinar, we explore together the following elements and find some answers to these questions: What is the difference between a dialect and an accent? How do they intersect with register? Can politics and social status interfere with defining a language, accent or dialect? How does this intertwine with Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), classical and colloquial Arabic? With 22 Arabic countries in North Africa, Middle East, the horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean, can we, healthcare interpreters, find a common ground, to adequately capture and convey what is being said? The webinar is presented in Arabic.

  • CE webinar #006 - Interpreting the Psychiatric Interview (12/07/16)

    CCHI invited Maria Carla Faccini, CHI™-Spanish, and Dr. Adrienne D. Mishkin, MD, MOH, to present this free, language-neutral, Continuing Education webinar so that attendees can learn about the provider’s thought process and some of the techniques they use to interview patients. The speakers discuss examples that show how a skilled interpreter can improve the quality of the interview. Strategies that the interpreter can use to overcome challenges typical for this appointment type are also discussed.

  • Webinar "Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Medical Interpreters" (12/19/2014)

    This webinar is helpful to interpreters who are beginning their certification process and who are getting ready to take the CoreCHI™ exam. It can also serve as a refresher for already certified interpreters. Viewing this webinar does not generate a certificate of attendance; it is made available for informational purposes.

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