CoreCHI™ and CHI™ certifications are valid for four (4) years.

CCHI established specific certification renewal requirements in order to assure that certified interpreters keep abreast of the profession’s development and, at a minimum, maintain their skills at the level achieved at certification. CCHI acknowledges that technological and logistical changes within the healthcare interpreter profession occur at a steady pace. At the same time, interpreting skills require continuous practice to be maintained at an adequate level. In order to determine the optimal length for the certification validity, CCHI Commissioners have considered several factors:

  • Opinions gathered input from the Advisory Panel;
  • The speed of profession’s change;
  • Review of the current requirements among the related interpreting specialties, such as court interpreter certification and certification of interpreters for the deaf;
  • Empirical data about deterioration of interpreting skills (e.g. especially of the simultaneous interpreting skills as researched by conference interpreters);
  • Rather continuous pace of organizational/policy changes in health care which requires interpreters to stay abreast of the new regulations and safety protocols that apply to the job in healthcare environment.

Review CCHI Candidate’s Examination Handbook for more information.

  • Hours of Work

    Have 40 hours of work experience as a medical interpreter, divided in 20 hours per a two-year cycle.

  • Continuing Education (CE)

    Complete 32 hours of CE in healthcare interpreting, divided in 16 hours per a two-year cycle, with a minimum of 2 CE hours in performance based training every two-year cycle.

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