Scheduling your examination

Candidates can schedule their CoreCHI™ or CHI™ examination once they have received their official “Notice-to-Schedule” email. Each examination has a separate notification email that serves as your admission ticket to the examination. Do not schedule your examination until you have received the Notice-to-Schedule email.

You must print out the Notice to Schedule and bring it to the test site on the date of the exam.  Make sure that the name on the Notice to Schedule matches your name on a valid photo ID that you are required to present at the test site. If you need to make a name correction, email us immediately at and attach the documents proving your name.

  • CoreCHI™ Exam

    administered at PSI testing network

    The CoreCHI™ exam is available all year round, except major holidays. You can schedule an exam on any day of the week, including weekends.

  • CHI™ Exams

    The CHI™ exams ( Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish) are administered ONLY within the following testing windows:
    Scheduling for the Fall 2019 testing will start in September - please wait for our announcement
    October - November, 2019

  • Core CHI™ Test Centers

    The CoreCHI™ exam is available all year around. To identify available sites, click “Find CoreCHI™ Centers” below. In the new window that opens, enter your zip code and desired distance to find testing location options. When finished at that other website, return to this browser window to continue these steps (do not close this window.) To schedule your exam is call (844) 704-1487 and speak with a scheduling agent who has access to every test center’s schedule.


  • CHI™ Test Centers

    CCHI is conducting the CHI™ scheduling, testing software, and testing center upgrade in June-July 2019. We appreciate your patience. We will share the new instructions as soon as the upgrade is complete.

    The CHI™ performance exam requires a private testing room since candidates are orally responding to the exam prompts. CCHI makes special arrangements for private testing rooms during certain testing “windows” each quarter for that exam. Each window lasts three weeks. CHI™ exams can be scheduled ONLY during these windows. Please plan accordingly.

    Test sites for the  CHI™ exams may be, and often are, different than the sites for the  CoreCHI™ exam.

  • Scheduling your CHI™ exam

    The CHI™ exams are not administered outside of the testing “windows” listed below. CCHI is conducting the CHI™ scheduling, testing software, and testing center upgrade in June-August 2019. Scheduling of the CHI ™ exam will be suspended during the upgrades. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. We will share the new scheduling instructions as soon as the upgrades are complete.

    • Summer 2019: no testing during the upgrade; scheduling for the Fall window will start in September 2019
    • October 15 – November 6, 2019
  • ADA Accommodation Procedures

    Whenever possible, CCHI is committed to providing reasonable accommodation in its examination processes to individuals with disabilities, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    Appropriate accommodations will be provided to qualified individuals with disabilities to the extent that such accommodation does not fundamentally alter the examination, or cause an undue burden to CCHI or the agency administering the examination.

    It is the responsibility of individuals with disabilities to notify CCHI in writing of the applicant’s need for an accommodation and submit the pertinent supporting documentation in electronic format at the time of submitting a request for scheduling an exam via our online application system no later than 45 days before the examination date.

    There are two ways to notify CCHI of the ADA accommodation request:

    If a special need or disability is present at the time of submitting the application or paying for a CCHI examination and before receiving a Notice to Schedule, the applicant should choose the “Request ADA Accommodation” option before they select the orange “Pay fees” button in the online application system. At this time the applicant will be directed to explain the nature of their request and to upload necessary documentation in an electronic format.
    If a special need or disability occurs after the applicant has already received their Notice to Schedule, they must complete and submit via email to the CCHI’s ADA Accommodation Request Form (click the button below to download this form or see it in Appendix E of the Candidate’s Examination Handbook), along with the supporting documentation.

    Regardless of how the ADA accommodation request is submitted – via the online application system or via email – an applicant/candidate must state the type of accommodation(s) needed, in addition to providing current and appropriate documentation of the disability. The applicant’s/candidate’s request will not be considered complete and reviewed without the CCHI’s ADA Accommodation Request Form.

    The documentation provided in CCHI’s ADA Accommodation Request Form must not be more than three years old from the date of the application. It should include correspondence from a healthcare provider who has first-hand knowledge of the disability, describing the nature of the disability and specific recommendations regarding the type of accommodation required to address the disability. The letter should be on the letterhead stationery of the healthcare provider in question, and include his or her title, address, phone number, and original signature.

    The applicant/candidate grants CCHI permission to contact the professionals who submitted documentation in support of a request for accommodation in order to obtain further clarification concerning a request.

    Examples of requests for special testing accommodations that may be granted include: modification of seating or other physical arrangements in the examination facility; providing for the examination to be taken in an accessible location; or providing for a reasonable extension of testing time.

    Examples of requests for special testing accommodations that may be denied include: modification of the content of an objective multiple-choice examination; providing for unlimited testing time; permitting a reader to paraphrase test material or translate the material into another language.

    All accommodation determinations will be made by CCHI at its discretion. Failure to notify CCHI of needed accommodation(s) in one’s application or no later than 45 days before scheduling an exam may result in the accommodations not being available at the time of the examination.

    Applicants/candidates shall not hold CCHI accountable for any lack of appropriate accommodation deriving from the applicant’s/candidate’s own failure to notify CCHI of their needs on a timely basis. Once special accommodations have been granted, they may not be altered during the examination.

    CCHI has specific ADA accommodations for candidates who are blind or have low vision:

    ADA Accommodation Procedure for the CoreCHI™ Examination

    ADA Accommodation Procedure for the CHI™ Examination for Candidates Who Are Blind

    ADA Accommodation Procedure for the CHI™ Examination for Candidates Who Have Low Vision

    CCHI has specific ADA accommodations for candidates who need help operating a mouse/keyboard:

    ADA Accommodation for Actuator-Assisted Examinations

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