I hold multiple CHI™ credentials in different LOTEs (Languages Other Than English). How do I renew my credentials?

The following procedural rules apply to certificants who hold multiple CHI™ credentials in different LOTEs (Languages Other Than English):

a)      The same 32 CE hours and 40 work experience hours can be submitted for maintaining both credentials.

b)     To align the expiration dates for both credentials and simplify the renewal process, the certificant will need to:

  • Submit the “first” (older) CHI renewal application first, with the full renewal application fee (see Fees).
  • Submit the second CHI renewal application within 30 days of submitting the first CHI renewal application. The second CHI renewal fee in this case is $30 (in 2023, subject to change as any fees).
  • For the second CHI renewal application, upload a statement that the first CHI credential renewal application has been submitted. See CCHI’s template “First Credential Renewal Attestation” available here as a PDF file OR here as an MS Word file.
  • Meeting the above requirements will reset the second CHI expiration date to the same expiration date as the first CHI credential, and the certificant will be on the same four-year renewal cycle for both.

c)     If the certificant does not renew the first CHI credential but wishes to keep the second credential, they would have to upload all CE documentation to and pay the full renewal fee (see Fees) in the second CHI renewal application, and follow that credential renewal cycle.

See https://cchicertification.org/renewal-multiple-credentials/ for all multiple-credential renewal procedures.

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