Fall 2019 CoreCHI™ Scholarship Cycle Winners Announced.
Spring 2020 CoreCHI™ Scholarship Cycle will start April 1, 2020.

The 2019 Fall Cycle scholarships are made possible thanks to the generous contribution from the CCHI Commissioners and the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (https://www.ncihc.org).

The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care is a multidisciplinary organization whose mission is to promote and enhance language access in health care in the United States. The NCIHC started as an informal working group in 1994 and met yearly until it was formally established in 1998. The group is composed of leaders from around the country who work as medical interpreters, interpreter service coordinators and trainers, clinicians, policymakers, advocates and researchers. The NCIHC is a membership organization.

CCHI Commissioners donated their speaking engagements honoraria to the 2019 Fall Scholarship cycle.

The Fall 2019 recipients of the “Discover Healthcare Interpreting” CoreCHI™ Scholarship are:

1.         Nayshunda O. Burke (ASL, GA)
2.         Laureta Comeau (Albanian, MA)
3.         Galina Iancu (Romanian, NC)
4.         Hom N. Pokhrel (Nepali, MN)
5.         Natalia Wolff (Russian, IL)

Applications for the Spring 2020 Cycle will be accepted from April 1, 2020 until May 31, 2020.

  • What is the scholarship amount?

    Each scholarship is $210 and covers the CCHI application fee ($35) and the fee for one administration of the CoreCHI™ exam ($175).

  • How to apply?

    Click here to download the Scholarship Application in MS Word format. Please read and follow the instructions. The application consists of 4 sections:

    • Demographic information
    • Statements of Eligibility and Release of Liability
    • Essay on one of the specified topics (300-500 words)
    • Applicant’s bio.

    The application must be complete and emailed as one (1) file. Incomplete applications are not reviewed.

    Email the complete application as an MS Word or pdf file attachment to scholarship@cchicertification.org by 11:59 pm PDT on October 31, 2019.

    The scholarships are awarded only to new applicants (i.e. those who have not submitted a certification application prior to the scholarship award) and cannot be used retroactively.

  • Who can apply?

    • Interpreters who meet CCHI’s eligibility requirements.
    • Interpreters of languages for whom a CHI™ oral performance exam is not available, i.e. CoreCHI™ candidates. This scholarship is not available to Arabic, Mandarin or Spanish interpreters. (We are looking for potential sponsors of the CHI™ certification candidates.)
    • Interpreters who agree to take the CoreCHI™ exam within six (6) months of receiving the scholarship.
  • When to apply?

    Applications for the Spring Cycle must be submitted via email from April 1, 2019 and by 11:59 pm PDT on May 31, 2019.

    Applications for the Fall Cycle must be submitted via email from September 1, 2019 and b11:59 pm PDT on October 31, 2019.

    Applications submitted outside these dates are not reviewed.

  • How are winners selected?

    • CCHI Scholarship Committee reviews complete applications submitted within the announced deadline.
    • Applicants must meet CCHI certification eligibility criteria.
    • Applicants must agree to all terms of Section 2 of the application.
    • CCHI representatives may contact finalists for an over-the-phone/teleconferencing interview as part of the selection process.

    CCHI Scholarship Committee awards scholarships based on merit. The number of scholarships awarded each cycle depends on the funds availability and is subject to change. CCHI reserves the right to suspend or discontinue scholarship awards at any time and without any notice.

  • When are winners announced?

    The winners of the Spring Cycle scholarships are announced on July 15, 2019.

    The winners of the Fall Cycle scholarships are announced on December 15, 2019.

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