December 21, 2018

Cross Cultural Communication Systems, Inc™ Contributes $10,000 to CCHI’s EtoE Study

December 21, 2018

Washington, DC
Woburn, MA


Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI)
Cross Cultural Communication Systems, Inc™ (CCCS, Inc™)


CCHI has just received an amazing gift this holiday season – a most generous contribution to our EtoE study of interpreting cognitive skills from Cross Cultural Communication Systems, Inc™.

Many interpreters know of CCCS, Inc™ through seeing their representatives at various interpreting conferences and by taking their in-depth online and in-person interpreting courses, as well as an oral online Language Assessment for bilingual providers on language proficiency and their knowledge in healthcare and/or mental health terminology. The organization’s mission is to provide qualified cultural-linguistic services to healthcare, educational, legal and business, by creating a seamless environment of teamwork and collaboration between customers, freelancers and staff members, so that together they can continue providing innovative, respectful, and reliable quality interpretation, translation and training services to a diverse population with regional, organizational and individual needs.

“CCHI Commissioners are deeply moved to receive this gift from such an established interpreter training organization who is known for their leadership and support of interpreters’ professional development, says CCHI’s Chair Margarita Bekker. – This revolutionary study is only possible if all stakeholders get involved. We hope other companies and training organizations would join our project as well.”

Zarita Araujo-Lane, LICSW, President of CCCS, Inc, explains, “Our organization and I, personally, have always believed in doing everything at the most professional level. It is time that the interpreting profession engages in serious, statistically valid research. In the age of evidence-based healthcare and big data analysis in all aspects of our lives, we need to step up and start making decisions based on data, too. I commend CCHI for taking the lead and planning the study that will help educators, interpreters, employers understand what cognitive skills make a person an interpreter. It is a brave move since the outcome is unknown. Another aspect of the EtoE project that we wholeheartedly support is its inclusiveness and social-justice approach to certification and testing. We agree that interpreters of all languages should have an opportunity to prove their professional qualifications.”

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