Setting the Standard for Quality in Healthcare Interpreting

We administer a national, valid, credible, and vendor-neutral certification program for healthcare interpreters in the U.S.

CCHI is a national nonprofit organization founded in July 2009, operated as a 501(c)(6) corporation.

Our purpose is to develop and administer a comprehensive national interpreter certification program in order to assess medical interpreters’ competence and to help ensure quality of interpreting in any healthcare setting and in any modality of interpreting. CCHI brings together medical interpreters, representatives from national and regional non-profit interpreting associations, language companies, community-based organizations, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and advocates for individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP).

CCHI is the first and only organization certifying healthcare interpreters in the U.S. to receive NCCA accreditation for its certification programs.

CCHI is governed by elected volunteer Commissioners, many of whom are practicing medical interpreters. The Commissioners employ staff to manage operations and rate exams. CCHI contracts with a testing company and various testing sites across the U.S. to administer CCHI exams.

Our Commissioners

  • Margarita S. Bekker, CoreCHI™

    Lead Interpreter (Russian), Education and Training, Stanford University Medical Center (Redwood City, CA); CCHI Chair

  • Jaime Fatás-Cabeza, USCCI, CHI™-Spanish

    Director of Undergraduate Program in Translation and Interpretation, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)

  • Linda Golley, M.A.

    Language Access Consultant and Interpreter Educator (Kent, WA); CCHI Vice Chair

  • Dylanna Grasinger, M.A.

    Director, International Institute of Erie, office of USCRI (Erie, PA)

  • H. Valerie Huang, M.A., CHI™-Mandarin

    Language Services Manager, Nationwide Children's Hospital (Columbus, OH)

  • Mina Kini, M.S.W., M.S.

    Language Access Consultant (St. Louis, MO)

  • Eliana Lobo, M.A., CoreCHI™

    Language access policy consultant and medical interpreter trainer (Tacoma, WA)

  • Francisco J. Martinez, M.A., CHI™-Spanish

    Language Coach & Medical Interpreter, Children’s Mercy Kansas City (Kansas City, MO)

  • Idolly F. Oliva, M.B.A.

    Director Language Services, Fairview Health Services (Minneapolis, MN)

  • Edna Y. Quartey, CHI™-Spanish

    Manager, Language Services Department, Spectrum Health (Grand Rapids, MI); CCHI Secretary

  • Erin Rosales, B.A., CHI™-Spanish, CPLP®

    Vice President & Director of Interpreter Development, Connecting Cultures, Inc. (Appleton, WI)

  • Mateo C. Rutherford, M.A., MATI, CHI™-Spanish

    Project Manager, Interpreting Services, UCSF Health (Berkeley, CA)

  • Jorge U. Ungo

    Strategic Healthcare Account Executive, LanguageLine Solutions (Houston, TX)

CCHI’s Annual Reports & Policies

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  • CCHI Staff

    Natalya Mytareva, M.A., CoreCHI™, CCHI Executive Director

    Natalya Mytareva, a Russian interpreter/translator, CCHI’s Executive Director and one of the founding Commissioners, started her career as instructor of various Russian/English interpretation and translation courses at Volgograd State University (Russia) in 1991. From 2000 to 2013, she was Communications Director at the International Institute of Akron, a non-profit refugee resettlement agency in Ohio. She is the author and instructor of various courses for interpreters of languages of lesser diffusion. Natalya has delivered a variety of presentations for healthcare and social service providers on cultural competence, working with interpreters, and serving newly resettled refugee populations. She holds a combined BA/MA degree from Volgograd State University (Russia) in Philology and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

    Malika Sadi-Goodman, CCHI Director of Operations

    Malika Sadi-Goodman started to work for CCHI in 2014. She studied at the University of Bordeaux, France – Literature and Foreign Languages (English and Spanish) and moved to the USA in 1994. She was a business owner from 2006 to 2013.

    Leah Johnson, Customer Services Specialist

    Leah Johnson started working for CCHI in August 2018. She has certifications as a CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) and CCA (Certified Coding Associate). Leah is a member of AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association). She has been working in the medical field for over 4 years in both the paper and electronic format. She was born and raised in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota but loves to travel and explore the world.

  • Advisory Panels of CCHI

    Policy & Industry Stakeholder Advisory Panel*

    Tricia Barrett, M.A., Vice President, Product Development, National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
    Ignatius Bau, Health Policy Consultant
    Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, M.A., CHI™-Spanish, Director of Interpreter Services & Community Partnerships, University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
    Jeff Caballero, M.P.H., Executive Director, Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO)
    Rita Carreón, Deputy Director, Clinical Strategies & Health Care Equity, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
    Kathleen A. Curran, Senior Director of Public Policy, Catholic Health Association (CHA)
    Kathleen K. Diamond, M.A., Association of Language Companies (ALC)
    Carlos Javier González, B.A., Director of Language Initiatives, Center for Immigrant Health, NYU School of Medicine
    Jonathan Levy, M.A., Director of Linguistic Services, TransPerfect
    Tanya Lopez, Senior Research Associate, American Medical Association (AMA)
    Edward L. Martinez, M.S., Consutant for Quality Health Care in U.S. Communities
    Maria Michalczyk, M.A., RN, Branch Manager, Coram Specialty Infusion Services
    Ann Morse, Program Director, Immigrant Policy Project, National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
    Guadalupe Pacheco, Jr., M.S.W., President/CEO, the Pacheco Consulting Group, LLC
    Ellen Pryga, Director, Policy, American Hospital Association (AHA)
    Elena V. Rios, M.D., M.S.P.H., President & CEO, National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA), and President, National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF)
    Ho Tran, M.D., M.P.H., President & CEO, National Council of Asian and Pacific Islander Physicians (NCAPIP)
    Lois Wessel, R.N., C.F.N.P., Associate Director for Programs, Association of Clinicians for the Underserved (ACU)
    Mara Youdelman, J.D., LL.M., Managing Attorney, National Health Law Program (NHeLP)

    Certification Program Expert Advisory Panel*

    Lois M. Feuerle, Ph.D., JD, Instructor, Legal Translation at University of Chicago, Graham School
    Alejandro Maldonado, M.A., CHI™-Spanish, Spanish Interpreter; Limited English Proficiency Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Human Services (MN)
    Holly Mikkelson, Certified Spanish Interpreter & Translator; Associate Professor of Translation and Interpretation, Monterey Institute of International Studies
    Virginia Pérez-Santallá, C.T., Spanish Translator and Interpreter; Officer of the Board of Directors, American Translators Association
    Karin Ruschke, M.A., CoreCHI™, President, International Language Services, Inc.
    Laurie Swabey, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, Collaboration for the Advancement of Teaching Interpreter Excellence (CATIE)

    * The participation by supporters and advisors does not constitute ultimate endorsement of CCHI’s certification program.

  • CCHI Delegates

    Georgia – Berthine Crèvecoeur West, CoreCHI™, CEO, Westbridge Solutions, LLC (Georgia)
    Maryland – Syan Ruiz, CHI™-Spanish, Director of Operations, Foreign Language USA, LLC
    Tennessee – Ping C. Cross, CHI™-Mandarin, Mandarin interpreter and translator
    Texas – Sandra L. Dejeux, CHI™-Spanish, SD Translations

  • CCHI Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

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    Job Task Analysis Study SME Panels:

    Arjun Bhattarai, CoreCHI™, Nepali, Language Access Network, OH
    Berthine Crèvecoeur West, CoreCHI™, Haitian Creole, West Linguistic Training Group, LLC, GA
    Jacqueline (Jackie) Emmart, MS, NIC-A, ASL, High Five Health, MA
    Elisa Gustafson, CHI™-Spanish, Hennepin County Medical Center, MN
    Yeou-lin Ho, Mandarin, freelancer, WA
    Xiaoxiao Huang, CHI™-Mandarin, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY
    Jane Kontrimas, M.A., Core CHI™, Russian, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MA
    Gerardo Lazaro, CHI™-Spanish, The National Institute for Coordinated Healthcare, PA
    Laura Neri, CHI™-Spanish, freelancer, CA
    Teresa O. Peña, CHI™-Spanish, Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care (AETNA), AZ
    Karin Ruschke, M.A., CoreCHI™, German, International Language Services, IL
    Mateo Rutherford, M.A., CHI™-Spanish, UCSF Medical Center, CA
    Adriana Rybaski, CHI™-Spanish, Spectrum Health, MI
    Frances (Sissy) Woodard, CHI™-Spanish, Johns Hopkins Hospital, MD
    Amani Zaki, CHI™-Arabic, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, CA


    Weli Awale, Jewish Vocational Services, Kansas City, MO
    Sonia Bowe-Gutman, Health Partners/Regions, Minneapolis, MN
    Ajdin Camaga, Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, MI
    Jeanne Farrow, University of Wisconsin Medical Center, Seattle, WA
    María Elena Gaitán, Office of Diversity & Cultural Competency, Los Angeles County, CA
    Jeanette Higgins, JMH International LLC, Columbia, MD
    Maria Lara, Greenville Hospital System, Greenville, NC
    Lien Huynh, International Language Services, Chicago, IL
    Jasbeer Ratty, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA
    Di Wu, Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters, Kokomo, IN

    Test Development SMEs (2010-current):

    Abdul Sattar, Sawsan, CHI™, Arabic, OH
    Aden, Mohamud, CoreCHI™, Somali, MN
    Al Khalidi, Sura, CHI™, Arabic, CA
    Al Mudaris, Mutaz, CHI™, Arabic, PA
    Al-Nadi, Abedullah H., CHI™, Arabic, OH
    Alvarado, Lynette, CHI™, Spanish, NY
    Amaya, Raul, CHI™, Spanish, MN
    Anwar, Mohamed, CHI™, Arabic, TX
    Arce, Nick, CHI™, Spanish, CA
    Aristizabal-Burton, Gloria, CHI™, Spanish, CA
    Arminana, Patricia, CHI™, Spanish, NC
    Avery, Maria Paz, Spanish, MA
    Aziz, Simone Y, CHI™, Arabic, MI
    Badger, Katrina, Spanish, LA
    Bailey, Chaibia, Arabic, OH
    Balistreri, Rosanna, Italian, Spanish, CA
    Bambaren-Call, Ana Maria, Spanish, AZ
    Zachor, Joan B., CHI™, Spanish, MA
    Becker, Yami, Spanish, TX
    Benavides, Elsa, CHI™, Spanish, MA
    Bidar-Sielaff, Shiva, CHI™, Spanish, WI
    Bola-Ferriero, Maria, CoreCHI™, Romanian, Moldovan, NH
    Bowe-Gutman, Sonia, Spanish, MN
    Boyd, Miranda, CHI™, Spanish, WI
    Britton, Mary, Spanish, OR
    Brumar, Gabriela, Romanian, IL
    Calcara, Velia, CHI™, Spanish, MO
    Camaga, Adjin, Bosnian, MI
    Casal, Theresita, Spanish, AZ
    Cervantes, Francis, CHI™, Spanish, IL
    Chang, Chi-Wei, CHI™, Mandarin, MI
    Chen, Yizhen (Jane), CHI™, Mandarin, TX
    Chiu, Anna, Mandarin, NY
    Couture, Suzanne, CHI™, Spanish, WI
    Crespo, Jorge, CHI™, Spanish, OH
    Cross, Ping C., CHI™, Mandarin, OH
    Curtis, Natasha, CHI™, Spanish, OH
    Daren, Bobbi, CHI™, Spanish, KS
    De La Torre, Margarita, Spanish, CA
    Dejeux, Sandra, CHI™, Spanish, TX
    Diaz-Castillo, Sandra, Spanish, CO
    Droubi, Eva, Arabic, TX
    Edwards, Patricia, CHI™, Spanish, DC
    Elias Vargas, Amanda, CHI™, Spanish, SC
    Elshafei, Fawzi A., CHI™, Arabic, CA
    Essary, Elizabeth, CHI™, Spanish, IN
    Estrada, Sandra, CHI™, Spanish, RI
    Foster, Grant, CHI™, Spanish, IL
    Frohn, Elizabeth, CoreCHI™, Hmong, MN
    Gaitan, Maria Elena, Spanish, CA
    Garcia, Guadalupe, CHI™, Spanish, IL
    Gonzalez, Javier, Spanish, NY
    Green, Carola, Spanish, VA
    Guia, Alessandro, Spanish, IL
    Gustafson, Elisa, CHI™, Spanish, MN
    Hable, Dana M, CHI™, Arabic, TN
    Hasbun, Armando, Spanish, PA
    Hasian, Amani, CHI™, Arabic, KS
    Higgins, Jeanette, Spanish, MD
    Huang, Hsuehmei (Valerie), CHI™, Mandarin, OH
    Huang, Xiaoxiao, CHI™, Mandarin, NY
    Huang, Yinghong, CHI™, Mandarin, CA
    Hubbard, Jason, CHI™, Spanish, AZ
    Huynh, Lien, CoreCHI™, Vietnamese, IL
    Hwang, Yeonha Teresa, Korean, CA
    Iniguez, Daniela, CHI™, Spanish, MI
    Isbister, Dong, CHI™, Mandarin, WI
    Jiang, Shaobo, CHI™, Mandarin, CA
    Johnson, Tonya, Spanish, CO
    Jubran, Samira, CHI™, Arabic, TN
    Kodirov, Rob, Russian, OR
    Kulig, Virginia, CHI™, Spanish, CT
    Lam, Hien, CoreCHI™, Vietnamese, CA
    Leshchuk Moss, Dariia, CoreCHI™, Ukrainian, AZ
    Liang, Xueshizi (Stehanie), CHI™, Mandarin, MA
    Liles, Pauline, Spanish, NC
    Liu, Hsiao-tung, CHI™, Mandarin, MI
    Lui, Sharon Xiao Rong, CHI™, Mandarin, NY
    Maldonado, Alejandro, CHI™, Spanish, MN
    Maloney, Sandy, CHI™, Spanish, TX
    Mansour, Lyana, CHI™, Arabic, OH
    Miller, Jane Chang, CHI™, Mandarin, GA
    Miller, Sulien, CHI™, Mandarin, CA
    Montero, Sara, Spanish, SC
    Mukhtar, Hala, CHI™, Arabic, Canada
    Ng, Ray, CHI™, Mandarin, NY
    Omar, Atef, CHI™, Arabic, TN
    Parker, Johanna, CHI™, Spanish, CA
    Pena Ramos, Lorena, CHI™, Spanish, TX
    Peralta, Lauren, CHI™, Spanish, TX
    Pérez-Santallá, Virginia, Spanish, NY
    Prias, Myriam, CHI™, Spanish, CO
    Radhi, Rabah, Arabic, CA
    Ramsey, Lilian, Spanish, IN
    Rasheed, Laith A., Arabic, MO
    Ratay, Karen, CHI™, Spanish, WI
    Ratty, Jasbeer K. , Punjabi, Hindi, Malaysian, WA
    Rivera, Maria, CHI™, Spanish, CO
    Roat, Cindy, Spanish, WA
    Rowan, Joyce, CHI™, Spanish, PA
    Ruschke, Karin, CoreCHI™, German, IL
    Rutherford, Mateo, CHI™, Spanish, CA
    Samaniego, I. Lissett, Spanish, CA
    Schutzman, E. Zoe, CHI™, Spanish, NM
    Shepard-Kegl, Judy, CoreCHI™, RID, ASL, ME
    Sias, Rocio, CHI™, Spanish, MI
    Siques, Ximena, CHI™, Spanish, OH
    Steiert, Afaf, Arabic, NY
    Stockler-Rex, Sarah, CHI™, Spanish, OH
    Stringer, Caren, RID certification, ASL, CA
    Sultanic, Indira, CHI™, Spanish, CA
    Suniga, Sharifa, Spanish, WY
    Supikhodjaeva, Feruza, CoreCHI™, Russian, Uzbek, IL
    Tapia, Sandra, CHI™, Spanish, TX
    Thomasini, Monica, CoreCHI™, Portuguese, CA
    Tong Delore, Jane (Yuk Shan), Mandarin, CA
    Toozlo, Shaymaa, CHI™, Arabic, IL
    Torres, Fabio, CoreCHI™, Portuguese, TX
    Torres-Kortright, Omar, CHI™, Spanish, WI
    Vallejo, Gloria, CHI™, Spanish, CO
    Vazquez, Eder, CHI™, Spanish, CA
    Velasquez, Paola, Spanish, IL
    Wang, Chunwen, Mandarin, MA
    Weisburger, Elizabeth, CHI™, Spanish, MD
    Wietzel, Grant, Spanish, AZ
    Wilson, Gabriela, Spanish, MI
    Yang, Chia-Rhu, CHI™, Mandarin, CA
    Zhu, Andrea, CHI™, Mandarin, MA

  • Commissioners Emeriti

    Catherine Anderson, M.A., CCHI Commissioner 2009-2012
    Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, M.A., CHI™-Spanish, CCHI Commissioner 2009-2015
    Wayne M. Boatwright, M.H.A., CCHI Commissioner 2012-2015
    Frederick Bw’Ombongi, M.H.A., CCHI Commissioner 2009-2015
    Scott Crystal, CCHI Commissioner 2015-2017
    Kathleen K. Diamond, M.A., CCHI Commissioner 2009-2015
    Gabriela Flores, M.S.M., CCHI Commissioner 2012-2018
    Frederick D. Hobby, MA, CDM, CCHI Commissioner 2009-2012
    Catherine Ingold, Ph.D., CCHI Commissioner 2012-2013
    Jonathan Levy, M.A., CCHI Commissioner 2009-2015
    Alejandro Maldonado, M.A., CHI™-Spanish, CCHI Commissioner 2009-2016, CCHI Chair 2013-2016
    Maria Michalczyk, M.A., R.N., CCHI Commissioner 2009-2015
    Natalya Mytareva, M.A., CoreCHI™, CCHI Commissioner 2009-2013, CCHI Chair 2012-2013
    Elizabeth Nguyen, M.A., CCHI Commissioner 2009-2014
    Virginia Perez-Santalla, C.T., CCHI Commissioner 2009-2015
    Karin Ruschke, M.A., CoreCHI™, CCHI Commissioner 2009-2015
    Teresa C. Salazar, M.A., CCHI Commissioner 2015-2016
    Lee D. Williams, CCHI Commissioner 2015-2017
    Mara Youdelman, J.D., LL.M., CCHI Commissioner 2009-2015, CCHI Chair 2009-2012

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