April 14, 2022

Updates to CCHI’s Policies

The Commissioners have updated the following policies during its Spring Commissioners meeting:

  1. Certification Renewal: The number of CE hours accepted (within a four-year cycle) for qualified written translation topics is increased from four (4) to eight (8). The Commissioners considered such factors as expanded availability of translation CE courses related to accuracy of interpreting, increase in translation tasks as part of staff healthcare interpreter duties during the pandemic, input from the stakeholders.
  2. Disciplinary Policy: The following prohibited behavior was added to the existing list: “Engaging in violent, threatening, harassing, personally insulting, or abusive communications with CCHI or CCHI’s agents.”
  3. Appeals Policy: A timeframe for informing of the final decision on appeal is specified. Appellants will be informed of the final decision within 30 days.
  4. Privacy Policy: Guidance on the use of the Certified Healthcare Interpreter Registry is provided (see the post of 4/13/22).

Based on the above, CCHI has updated its Candidate’s Examination Handbook and Certification Renewal Handbook, as well as relevant web pages.

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