Where can I find continuing education (CE) programs?

  • Accredited CE programs are listed in the National Registry of CEAP-Accredited Continuing Education Programs.
  • Some accredited CE programs are available at CCHI’s Online Training Portal.
  • CCHI guarantees acceptance of appropriately furnished proof of CE only for CEAP-accredited CE courses because such courses have undergone a thorough review process and meet CCHI’s renewal criteria. However, CCHI does not require that certificants complete only CEAP-accredited CE courses.

CCHI will accept all CE courses that meet CCHI’s requirements for continuing education as described at our Renewal Process webpage as long as sufficient information for the evaluation is provided by the certificant. If the course is not already accredited by CCHI, it is the certificant’s responsibility to provide enough information that CCHI can evaluate whether the course meets the CE requirements. The information needed may include, but is not limited to, the course description, agenda, syllabus, student handouts, etc. This information may be required in addition to the document verifying the certificant’s completion of the course (i.e. certificate of attendance/completion, badge, etc.), especially if the title of the course does not indicate the specific subject matter or level of complexity (i.e. continuing education vs. beginner-level/basic training).

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