What are special CE requirements for CoreCHI-Performance certificants?

CCHI is committed to ensuring that CoreCHI-P certificants maintain or improve their proficiency in their LOTE (Language Other Than English, i.e., the language listed on the certificate). CoreCHI-Performance™ certificants are required to complete a minimum of 1 performance-based (PB) CE hour (out of 4 PB CE hours required) in the LOTE of their verified proficiency(s) within the first year of the initial CoreCHI-P™ credential award. CoreCHI-P certificants of 2023 have to complete this requirement by November 1, 2024.

CCHI defines PB continuing education (CE) as courses that include instructor-led practice (with feedback offered) in consecutive, simultaneous and sight translation modes of interpreting or in translation.

CCHI requires interpreters of spoken languages to complete the online Exercise in Language Proficiency Evaluation to meet the 1-hour LOTE-specific training requirement. This Exercise is provided by CCHI free of charge at https://cchiinterpreters.org/. This Exercise consists of the following:

  • Complete CCHI’s online self-paced course “Principles of Language Proficiency Evaluation.”
  • Evaluate one audio response of a CoreCHI-P candidate of the same LOTE that was recorded during the ETOE exam. The candidate’s identity will not be provided for confidentiality reasons.
  • If the certificant has not recorded a LOTE response on their ETOE exam for any reason, they will be required to complete such a recording prior to starting the Exercise. CCHI will provide specific instructions to such certificants.

* Details about the Exercise in Language Proficiency Evaluation are provided to certificants directly. CoreCHI-P certificants of 2023 will receive the instructions via email by November 15, 2023.

CoreCHI-P™ certificants who are ASL interpreters may meet this requirement by completing a minimum of 1 hour of a PB CE course in ASL from any training organization (out of 4 PB CE hours required, i.e., the other 3 PB CE hours may be language-neutral).

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