My account is locked. What do I need to do? Why is my account locked?

There are several reasons depending on your specific situation:

  • Your eligibility to take an exam may have expired before you paid for the exam. You must take the CoreCHI exam within 6 months of the application approval. And, if you are a Spanish, Arabic, or Mandarin interpreter, you must take the CHI exam within 12 months.
  • Your certification may have expired because you didn’t submit your two renewal applications. You must submit both applications to renew your certification – for Years 1&2 and Years 3&4.
  • Your certification may have expired because you submitted the renewal applications less than 30 days before the certification expiration date. It takes us about 4 weeks to review the renewal application, as soon it is reviewed and accepted, your account will become active. No action is needed on your part in this case.

This what you need to do:

  • Login to your CCHI Profile account and check our emails under the “Communications” tab. See what notifications you received from us.
  • Contact us at and ask to unlock the account.

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