I hold the CoreCHI-Performance™ credential and practice in more than one LOTE (Language Other Than English). How do I renew my credentials?

The following procedural rules apply to certificants who hold the CoreCHI-Performance™ credential and practice in more than one LOTE (Language Other Than English):

a)      The proof of language proficiency (LP) in the second (or third, etc.) LOTE can be submitted only after the candidate passes the ETOE exam. The fee for adding any additional LOTE language proficiency to the CoreCHI-P credential is $30 (non-refundable, specified for 2023, subject to change). IMPORTANT: This does not apply to languages for which a CHI credential exists. A CoreCHI-P credential in Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish may only be obtained after passing the corresponding bilingual CHI™ performance exam.

b)     Once the LP proof is accepted/verified by CCHI, CCHI issues a certificate with the second LOTE specified.

c)      To renew the CoreCHI-P credential, the certificant will need to submit only one renewal application. However, during the first renewal cycle, within the first 12 months after the CoreCHI-P credential award, the certificant will need to perform some LOTE-specific CE activity. If a certificant has 2 (or more) LOTEs accepted/verified by CCHI, they have to complete this CE activity for each of the LOTEs within the same 12-month period and upload proof of completion for all LOTEs in one renewal application.

d)     If requirement c) is not met for each LOTE, the renewal certificate is issued only in the LOTE for which the CE activity has been completed.

e)     The fee for the CoreCHI-P credential renewal is the same as for any other credential renewal (see Fees). To maintain any additional LOTE during the renewal cycle, the certificant will pay a $30 fee per LOTE (specified for 2023, subject to change). If starting with the second renewal cycle, the additional LOTE fee is not paid, the certificate is issued only for the primary/first LOTE.

See https://cchicertification.org/renewal-multiple-credentials/ for all multiple-credential renewal procedures.

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