What policy does CCHI have about the use of credential marks (designations)?

The full texts of the policy for each credential are available at:

In brief, the following distinctions are important:

  • CoreCHI certificants cannot specify a language with the CoreCHI mark.
  • The CoreCHI mark is not available for interpreters of Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish, they can only earn a higher, language-specific designation (CHI).
  • CHI certificants must specify the primary language of the credential’s performance exam by providing it immediately after the designation either with a hyphen or in parentheses. E.g., Certified Healthcare Interpreter™-Spanish OR Certified Healthcare Interpreter (Arabic) OR CHI-Mandarin. They can no longer use the CHI designation alone after their name.
  • CoreCHI-Performance certificants may specify the primary language of verified language proficiency in the Language Other Than English (LOTE) as long as they follow these conventions:
    – This statement must be placed immediately after the designation, with a coma or with the symbol & or in parentheses.
    – This statement must include either the word “proficient” or “proficiency.”
    E.g., Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter –Performance™, French proficient
    OR Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter – Performance™ (French Language Proficiency)
    OR Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter – Performance™ & French Language Proficiency

With any specific questions, please contact us at renewal@cchicertification.org.

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