As a CCHI certificant, can I interpret for Workers’ Compensation?

Please note: the following should not be construed as legal advice, as CCHI is not qualified to give such advice.

While the details below pertain to legislature in the state of California, best practices are the same everywhere: If you do not also have legal interpretation qualifications, you should NOT interpret for hearings, arbitration, or depositions related to workers’ compensation. Medical treatment appointments and medical legal exams may be acceptable. Make sure to check the regulations in the state where you work.

CCHI-certified interpreters are qualified in the state of California to interpret for medical treatment appointments and medical legal exams.

However, in order to interpret at a hearing, arbitration, or deposition related to workers’ compensation cases, interpreters must be either listed on the State Personnel Board webpage at or the California Courts webpage at (that is, be certified by the state of California either as an Administrative Hearing and Medical Interpreter or as a Court Interpreter).

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