I registered early but I am not able to join the webinar. What happened? Why is it that I cannot join the webinar even though I registered early?

CCHI allows 800 people to register for a webinar. Out of that number only 500 will be admitted on the day of the webinar on a first-come-first-serve basis. The key to securing your seat on the day of the webinar is to login at least 10 minutes before the webinar start time. In our experience, the webinar is full, i.e. all 500 people are logged in at around 5 minutes after the start time. The 300 extra registrations are on the ‘waiting list’ since many people (in our experience about that many) don’t attend at the last moment for various reasons. Keep in mind that although CCHI webinars are free to attendees, the cost of delivery is rather high, and, at this time, we cannot afford to pay for more than 500 seats.

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