How do I pay my exam fee?

To pay any exam fee, please login to your CCHI Profile account at You will be paying online with a credit card (via the secure PayPal checkout), The fee for first take of the CoreCHI exam is included in the Application, so you will pay it when you submit the application. If you need to pay for a CHI™ exam or a re-take of any exam, in the Applications section of your account, there will be a “CHI Testing Process” (or a corresponding “Retest Process”) area with the status ‘Awaiting fees’, click on the orange button “Continue” and you’ll be taken to the payment screen.  Keep in mind, that if you are trying to pay for a retest, you may have to wait between the takes before you can pay the fee (see our Retake Policy at the Policies page).

Please, note: Each exam fee covers 1 attempt. The candidate must pay the exam fee again for each retake.

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