Can I get a CHI credential if I have the CoreCHI-Performance credential?

If CoreCHI-P™ credential holders choose to obtain a bilingual CHI™ credential, they need to follow these steps:

  • submit an acceptable language proficiency for the Language Other Than English – Arabic, Mandarin or Spanish
  • take a bilingual CHI™ performance exam within 12 months of the date of passing the CoreCHI™ exam. Otherwise, they will need to take and pass the CoreCHI™ exam before taking a CHI™ exam.

After receiving a CHI™ credential, they must comply with the renewal requirements for holders of multiple credentials. See more details at


A CoreCHI-P credential in Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish may only be obtained after passing the corresponding bilingual CHI™ performance exam. However, CHI™ credential holders do not need to earn a CoreCHI-P™ credential.

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