Where do I find links to CCHI’s Community Conversations series?

You can access the YouTube links to the Community Conversations at our Healthcare Interpreting Stakeholders page at https://cchicertification.org/our-community/.

We also encourage everyone to subscribe to CCHI’s YouTube channel where this series is hosted (see the playlist CCHI Community Conversations).

Do you have a newsletter? Where can I see the previous issues?

Yes, we publish an electronic newsletter to our subscribers. To see the previous issues, please go to the CCHI Stakeholders webpage at http://cchicertification.org/our-community/ and click on the blue bar “CCHI Newsletters”.

To subscribe, enter your email in the subscription field at the bottom of on any page.

Why can’t I login to the recorded webinar?

  • First, make sure you are logging in at the correct website. The CE training modules based on the recorded webinars are located at this website: http://cchiinterpreters.org, and the username/password are different than for the CCHI Profile account (at https://cchi.learningbuilder.com).
  • Then check that you are entering the correct username: you created it yourself, and it may not necessarily be your email address (although, it may be just that).
  • If you still cannot login, please do not create a new account, email us at info@cchicertification.org and we’ll reset your password, please specify in your email that you need to reset your password for the CE training website.

Who do I contact if I have audio or other connection issues during the webinar?

CCHI uses the GoToWebinar® platform for its webinars. CCHI staff does not provide any logistical support related to it. To make sure your device and internet connection are webinar-ready, check your system now. If you want more technical details, you can read about the system requirements here. Read more about the webinar application here: https://support.logmeininc.com/gotowebinar?c_name=prodselect. If you still need help, contact the GoToWebinar® support directly at https://support.logmeininc.com/gotowebinar/contactus.

I registered early but I am not able to join the webinar. What happened? Why is it that I cannot join the webinar even though I registered early?

CCHI allows 800 people to register for a webinar. Out of that number only 500 will be admitted on the day of the webinar on a first-come-first-serve basis. The key to securing your seat on the day of the webinar is to login at least 10 minutes before the webinar start time. In our experience, the webinar is full, i.e. all 500 people are logged in at around 5 minutes after the start time. The 300 extra registrations are on the ‘waiting list’ since many people (in our experience about that many) don’t attend at the last moment for various reasons. Keep in mind that although CCHI webinars are free to attendees, the cost of delivery is rather high, and, at this time, we cannot afford to pay for more than 500 seats.

Where are the webinars’ materials?

Some webinar materials are available free-of-charge at the Past Webinars webpage. However, if you need to receive a certificate of completion and missed the live webinar, you can purchase recorded webinars with all the materials at http://cchiinterpreters.org. You need to create a free account if you have never used this site before.

How can I receive info on upcoming CCHI webinars?

The info about upcoming webinars is always available on our website at the Webinars webpage. We also first announce any new webinar on our social media – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Currently, CCHI does not have a fixed schedule of webinars. We host webinars when a presenter is available.

I attended a webinar. When will CCHI email my certificate of attendance of the webinar?

We email certificates of webinar attendance as an email message within 2 weeks of the webinar date. During the webinar the specific date is mentioned. Our webinar certificate is an email message, not an attachment. If you think you didn’t receive your certificate, please search your Spam or Promotions folder in your email account. Some email providers, such as Gmail, Hotmail and some hospital email domains, often mistakenly mark our emails (from any @cchicertification.org address) as spam or block it. If that’s the case, try to mark our email address as ‘not-spam’, ‘friend’, or ‘preferred sender’. If you do not find the certificate in your mailbox after the indicated date, contact us at info@cchicertification.org.

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