ATA 2022 Conference Sessions Accredited by CEAP/CCHI

Who: American Translators Association

How many CE hours accredited by CCHI: 

CCHI accredits the following sessions. All sessions 1 hour unless noted otherwise (for pre-conference sessions); performance-based sessions are noted as PB. Keep in mind that, for CCHI certification renewal, attendees must collect documents confirming attendance of a specific session (not a general certificate) because sessions are concurrent; self-attestations are not accepted (you must provide the code given by speakers at the session). Maximum up to 12 CE hrs possible for 3-day attendance (Thursday – 3 CE hrs, Fri – 4 CE hrs, Sat – 5 CE hrs).

1) AST-09 Upgrading Your Sight Translation Skills to Improve Your Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting (3 PB hrs)
2) AST-10 From AI to Sound Cards: How Interpreters Can Use Technology To Better Prepare and Perform (3 CE hrs)
3) AST-12 Automation Tools for Translators (3 CE hrs)
4) AST-13 Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks for Translators and Interpreters (3 CE hrs)
5) 001 Miss Judgment: Tips to Avoid Implicit Bias in Translation and Interpreting
6) 002 Becoming a Better Simul Partner in Remote Simultaneous Interpreting and in Person
7) 004 Educational Interpreting: A Framework for Interpreting in Special Education Settings
8) 007 Be an Ally: Using Inclusive Language in a Divided World
9) 008 Mini Workshop on Plain Portuguese
10) 009 Revision of Human and Machine Translation: High Tech and High Stakes in the Patent World
11) 013 There’s a Vax for That: Exploring Different Types of Vaccines
12) 014 Inclusive Language in Spanish and Subjective Positioning
13) 016 Red T: Protecting Translators and Interpreters in High-Risk Settings, Part I
14) 030 Red T: Protecting Translators and Interpreters in High-Risk Settings, Part II
15) 022 Susana Greiss Lecture: Translation and Interpreting as Acting
16) 023 Whys and Wherefores of Pronominal Adverbs in German to English Translation
17) 035 To Translate into Traditional Chinese Characters or Simplified Chinese Characters? That’s the Question for Every Chinese Translator in the U.S.
18) 037 The Language of Diversity–in German
19) 041 Ensuring Accuracy: A Workshop on Medical Back Translation
20) 043 To Cheat or Not to Cheat: Value-Added Writing with Plain Language
21) 044 Confessions of an MT Post-Editor: A Report from the Trenches of the World’s Newest LSP Profession
22) 045 Using Rubrics to Engage T&I Learners in Self-Discovery
23) 047 Indigenous Interpreting as an Act of Empowerment, Part I
24) 061 Indigenous Interpreting as an Act of Empowerment, Part II
25) 048 We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet: Perspectives on the Future of Language Services Based on a Decade of Immense Change
26) 053 Using Inclusive Language in Italian: A Tricky but Manageable Task for Translators
27) 054 Institutional Websites: Tera-Resources for Translators
28) 055 Translating Non-Binary “Singular They” into a Language that Doesn’t Have an Equivalent
29) 056 Panel Discussion: Interpreting East Asian Languages
30) 058 How to Build Your Network before You Actually Need It
31) 067 Frequent Errors in Health Care Interpreting and Translation (English to Spanish) and How to Avoid Them
32) 068 Simul: What to Do When Speakers Speak too Fast
33) 069 Can We End the HIV-AIDS Pandemic?
34) 074 The Quicksand of Translating Profanity: Between the Hammer of Accuracy and the Anvil of Conservative Culture
35) 076 Languages of Lesser Diffusion
36) 077 Unlocking the Power of Syntax in German
37) 079 The Changing Landscape in Post-Pandemic Delivery of Interpreting Services, Part I
38) 093 The Changing Landscape in Post-Pandemic Delivery of Interpreting Services, Part II
39) 081 On Quotative Uses of the Conditional in Spanish: The Case of Journalistic and Scientific Conditional
40) 082 Language and Culture: American English Profanity
41) 086 Deliberate Practice for Simultaneous Interpreters: Practical Tools for Improving Performance (PB)
42) 091 Anticipation in Interpreting
43) 096 Leadership and Excellence
44) 097 A 2022 Medical Terminology Update
45) 100 The Power of Computer-Assisted Interpreting Learning/Training: Using Tablets, Digital Pens, and Apps to Analyze and Improve Consecutive Note-Taking
46) 105 Cultural Sensitivity in MT Post-Editing: Arabic Religious Texts
46) 106 Who’s Afraid of CRT? Race, Translation, and Interpreting in the Classroom, Part I
47) 121 Who’s Afraid of CRT?: Race, Translation, and Interpreting in the Classroom. Part II
48) 110 Language and COVID: An Overview of Pandemic-Related Medical Translation
49) 111 Americanisms: To Use or Not to Use?
50) 112 ATA Advocacy: Stand Up and Speak Up for Translators and Interpreters!
51) 114 Don’t Stay Silent! Vocal Health for Interpreters
52) 116 LGBTQ+ Terminology and the Law
53) 117 Making a Difference: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Translation
54) 123 Forget about False Cognates: Real Cognates Are Also a Headache!
55) 125 Interpreting at the End of Life in a Pediatric Hospital Setting
56) 129 Moving into Language Access Management: Building an Effective Program within a Health Care Organization
57) 130 Analyzing Misinformation and Disinformation in Translation
58) 134 Linguistics for Language Professionals
59) 139 Pitfalls of Medical Translation
60) 140 Inclusive and Elegant English to French Translations
61) 141 A Modest Proposal: Prepositions and Articles
62) 148 Talking about Stress: Mental Health Conversations in Languages Other than English
63) 151 From A1c to ZN: Medical Acronyms for Translators and Interpreters
64) 154 The Elusive Inclusive: A Stroll through the History of Gender-Neutral French
65) 156 Hearing Health for Interpreters
66) 162 The North Korean Language
67) 165 Challenges in Managing a Subtitling Project with Non-Audiovisual Clients
68) 167 Interpreting for Infant and Pregnancy Loss
69) 174 New English-to-English Credential: What Interpreting Skills Are Critical to Certify Health Care Interpreters of All Languages?
70) 175 The Translators of the Future Will Be Knowledge Managers
71) 176 Speech Recognition Software for Audiovisual Translation

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