Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the accepted length (duration) of a continuing education training (CE course or event)?

    Effective May 1, 2019, the minimum duration of a CE activity is 30 minutes for general topics and 60 minutes for performance-based (PB) topics. Courses of lesser duration are not accepted by CCHI.

    A CE activity (workshop, webinar, conference session, online module, etc.) may include PB exercises that are less than 60 minutes. For example, a one-hour workshop accredited as 1 PB CE hours, may include 15 minutes of non-performance, introductory content.

    For more information about CCHI’s CE requirements, go to

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  • How can I change or add an email or phone number to my CCHI account (profile)?

    Please review these screenshots of the CCHI’s online application system at Your Profile.

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  • Do you have a newsletter? Where can I see the previous issues?

    Yes, we publish an electronic newsletter to our subscribers. To see the previous issues, please go to the CCHI Stakeholders webpage at and click on the blue bar “CCHI Newsletters”.

    To subscribe, enter your email in the subscription field at the bottom of on any page.

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  • How do we accredit a training course with CEAP/CCHI?

    CCHI administers the national Continuing Education Accreditation Program (CEAP) to allow training providers to accredit their continuing education programs (courses), as well as to accredit conferences and other events organized by interpreter and translator associations.

    Please read the CEAP Manual and visit the CEAP website at for more information.

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  • Renewal certificate: I renewed 2 months ago, and I did not receive my renewal certificate. Why?

    Please check the end date of your active certification. Your certification Is valid for 4 years from the date of award (which is the date of passing your relevant exam). Your certification renewal certificate is emailed to you within 4-6 weeks of the end date of your active certification. So even if you renewed the certification ahead of time, the certificate will be emailed only after the current certification expires. If you need an official proof of maintaining your certification while you are waiting for the certificate, please download a pdf file from the online National Interpreter Registry. Search by your name, and in the results area, click on the down arrow  on the far right, to view and download the proof of your certification status.

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  • Can I get an ID card with my photo, a photo ID badge?

    Yes, you may purchase a CCHI photo ID badge verifying your certification. Click here for details.

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  • How do I receive my certificate?

    Your certificate is emailed to you within 2 weeks of receiving the official passing score. The certificate is a pdf attachment to an email that will come from our vendor BrightDoc ( If you do not receive the certificate within 2 weeks of your getting your official score, contact us at

    Your certification renewal certificate is emailed to you within 4-6 weeks of the end date of your active certification, as long as you received our confirmation that your renewal application has been approved.

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  • I am a trainer, what do I need to provide CCHI?

    Certificants who are trainers/instructors must provide the following types of documentation as proof of CE.

    1. Proof of training delivery – any publicity material (flyer, ad, brochure, conference schedule, etc.) about their training which lists the following information:

    • Credential holder’s name and designation as instructor/presenter/trainer.
    • The title (topic) or name of the educational event.
    • The name of the training entity (organization or individual) delivering the course,
    • The date(s) of the event.
    • The number of actual contact hours of the event.

    2. Proof of training experience (e.g., Curriculum Vitae, personal or advisor’s attestation) specifying delivery of any combination of academic and non-academic (conferences, workshops, in-service).

    • 40 hours of training interpreters (any setting, including basic/beginner level training).
    • 40 hours of other training (e.g., language instructor at school or college, cultural competence trainer, instructor of nursing).

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  • Which CE topics are accepted?

    CCHI accepts CE topics that are beyond-beginner level of complexity AND address the essential body of knowledge that serves as the context for the healthcare interpreting profession and align with one or more of the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for competent performance of the job of the healthcare interpreter.

    For the list of specific accepted categories and topics, go to our Renewal Process webpage and click at the corresponding bar.

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  • What are non-instructional CE activities?

    Non-instructional CE activities are defined as “activities that support the healthcare interpreting profession though volunteerism, leadership and research.”

    CCHI certificants are allowed, as an option, to submit non-instructional CE equal to up to 4 hours (points) per each two-year cycle towards their certification renewal requirements.

    • One (1) point in non-instructional CE activities equals 1 CE hour for certification renewal purposes.
    • Points are earned for unique and mutually exclusive experiences and not for interrelated experiences (see examples below).
    • Points do not reflect the actual hours of work.

    For more details, go to our Renewal Process webpage and click at the corresponding bar.

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