Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is tested on the oral performance exam (Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish)? What are the exam specifications?

    CCHI’s CHI™ performance exam (“oral” exam) tests candidate’s skills and abilities in healthcare interpreting in a language-specific modality. It contains 8 items distributed across the following domains:

    Interpret Consecutively (75%)
    Interpret Simultaneously (14%)
    Sight Translate (9%)
    Translate Healthcare Documents (2%)

    Review the CHI™ Exam Specifications for more info.

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  • What is tested on the written exam? What specifications does it have?

    CCHI’s CoreCHI™ knowledge exam (“written” exam) tests candidate’s knowledge about healthcare interpreting. It has 100 questions distributed across the following domains:

    Professional Responsibility and Interpreter Ethics (22% of the exam)
    Manage the Interpreting Encounter (22%)
    Healthcare Terminology (22%)
    U. S. Healthcare System (15%)
    Cultural Responsiveness (19%)

    Review the CoreCHI™ Exam Specifications for more info.

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  • Can I get an ID card with my photo, a photo ID badge?

    Yes, you may purchase a CCHI photo ID badge verifying your certification. Click here for details.

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  • Can I get a paper certificate or a color pdf certificate?

    CCHI provides a black-and-white pdf certificate the cost of which is included in your exam fee. You may purchase a paper certificate (various kinds) from our vendor directly. The information (including a unique code verifying your certification) is provided in the email to which your certificate was attached (from BrightDoc at

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  • How do I receive my certificate?

    Your certificate is emailed to you within 2 weeks of receiving the official passing score. The certificate is a pdf attachment to an email that will come from our vendor BrightDoc ( If you do not receive the certificate within 2 weeks of your getting your official score, contact us at

    Your certification renewal certificate is emailed to you within 4-6 weeks of the end date of your active certification, as long as you received our confirmation that your renewal application has been approved.

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  • I experienced technical issues during testing, who do I contact?

    All communication with CCHI about testing experience must be in writing. If you experience any technical issues during testing, you need to do 2 things:

    • tell your proctor about the issues during the exam so he/she may call our IT support staff and assist you right away, or after the exam but before you leave the testing site, AND
    • email us the description of issues at within 24 hours of taking the exam (i.e. the sooner the better).

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  • Can I take the exams remotely? Can I take the exams from my home?

    No, all exams are administered at CCHI-approved testing sites. The IT complexity of our exams, security requirements, and specific accreditation requirements do not allow us to administer CCHI exams without a proctor present (i.e., at a candidate’s home).

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  • I need to reschedule or cancel my exam. What do I do?

    You must call the scheduling line (844) 704-1487 at least 48 hours in advance. If you do not reschedule within 48 hours and don’t show up for the scheduled exam, your exam fee is forfeited, and you’ll have to pay again.

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  • When can I take the CoreCHI exam?

    You can take the CoreCHI™ exam at any time, year-around, depending on the specific testing site availability. There are no “testing windows” for the CoreCHI exam.

    You can schedule your exam only after you receive a Notice to Schedule in an email from us. You can always login to your CCHI Profile account and check our emails under the “Communications” tab. To schedule, you need to call our centralized scheduling line (844) 704-1487 with the following info: your full name, your CCHI personal code (located in the Notice to Schedule), and the exam name (CoreCHI™ or CHI™). Scheduling is done up to 3 months in advance. You may be asked to provide several options for your preferred testing date and the scheduler will email you the confirmed date/time.

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  • When does CCHI release scores for the CHI oral performance exam?

    The scores for the CHI™ oral performance exam are emailed to the candidate within 6-8 weeks after the last day of the corresponding testing window. E.g., you took the CHI exam during the winter testing window on January 30, and the last day of the window is February 13, you will receive the score within 6-8 weeks after 2/14, i.e. between March 28 – April 11. For more info about our scoring procedures, see pp. 35 of the CCHI Candidate’s Examination Handbook.

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